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Melissa McCarthy reveals her love of giant animal sculptures.

Melissa McCarthy has an Etsy ‘obsession’ and says she’s ‘addicted’ to buying giant animal sculptures for her backyard

The actor revealed that Elisabeth Moss is 'a great enabler' and encouraged her to buy a life-size yellow fiberglass horse.

Etsy has unveiled a new plan to offer free shipping across its site

Etsy has unveiled a new plan to get its sellers to offer more items on its website with free shipping included.
Amazon warehouse in Brieselang, Germany.

Amazon will deliver you packages even if you buy them on Ebay or Etsy, and it’s suddenly caught the attention of regulators

Amazon has a way to spread its reach even when you've chosen to shop at a competitor such as Ebay or Etsy.

26 unique and interesting Father’s Day gifts from Etsy that Dad is sure to love

If you want to give your dad a unique, handmade Father's Day gift but lack the time or skills to craft it yourself, look no further than Etsy.
Danielle and her son Deacon.

A woman is suing Etsy after her son was strangled to death on a teething necklace bought on the website

In 2016, Danielle Morin's infant son Deacon strangled on a teething necklace in his sleep. Now, she's suing Etsy over the jewelry.
A variety of Marvel-inspired jewelry is now being sold online.

You can now buy jewelry inspired by the Infinity Gauntlet, and it’s perfect for ‘Avengers’ fans

Retailers like Hot Topic and Etsy are currently selling jeweled accessories that are inspired by the latest Marvel film.
An Etsy shop is making adorable bridesmaid dresses for dogs.

Bridesmaid dresses for dogs exist so you can have the cutest bridal party ever

Etsy shop The Posh Paws Company is selling bridesmaid dresses for dogs, as well as a matching bridal gown.

A mother of 2 turned her Etsy shop for adorable baby shoes into a ‘Shark Tank’ hit — it’s now a multi-million dollar business

Freshly Picked moccasins are the practical yet irresistibly cute shoes that both Mom and her baby will love.
Josh Silverman, CEO of Etsy

‘We still need to make search and discovery much better:’ Etsy is banking on tech and marketing to catch up with Amazon

Amazon may be the biggest game in e-commerce, but Etsy wants to beef up its technology and branding to win the category of unique gifts.