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A restaurant is testing plastic ‘shield pods’ to keep diners safe during the coronavirus pandemic

The Plex'Eat is a plastic shield created by French designer Christophe Gernigon, who has requests from restaurants in 5 other countries.

The EU plans a record-breaking new stimulus package of $826 billion to soothe Europe’s economic pain from the coronavirus

The European commission aims to fund its recovery plan by raising unprecedented sums on the financial markets.
Grounded Scandinavian Airlines in Copenhagen.

I canceled 7 flights due to the pandemic. Here’s the strategies I used that got me my money back and the ones that didn’t

It's been over two months since I canceled my flights for a trip in March due to the coronavirus. I still haven't been made whole and likely won't be.
24 karat gold bars, photographed at the United States West Point Mint facility in West Point, New York.

While in lockdown with their family, two French children reportedly found two bars of gold that could be worth more than $100,000

The kids found the heavy objects in a set of folded bedsheets they planned to use to build a fort, according to French news network BFM TV.
A US Open Skies aircraft takes off.

European allies watch with ‘regret’ as Trump ditches a treaty once said to be in America’s ‘best interest’

Much to the "regret" of allies, the US is pulling out of the Open Skies Treaty, which Jim Mattis once said was in the US's "best interests."

Europe is abandoning Trump on the world stage as it turns away from the US toward China

Opinion polls indicate Europeans have had an increasingly negative view of President Donald Trump and the US since the coronavirus pandemic began.
A big sticker of the healthcare services of Sweden is placed on the pavement in Stockholm to instruct people to remain two meters apart on May 4, 2020.

Sweden recorded the most coronavirus deaths in Europe per capita over the past week, according to Oxford data

Figures by Our World In Data suggest that Sweden's relaxed COVID-19 measures have seen its average daily per capita death toll increase.
People have lunch at tables partitioned with plexiglass at the Goga Cafe in Milan, Italy, on n May 18, 2020.

A WHO official warns of a 2nd deadly wave of the coronavirus across Europe in the fall: ‘Now is the time for preparation, not celebration’...

Dr. Hans Kluge of the World Health Organization has warned European nations lifting coronavirus restrictions of a second, "double wave" in the fall.
This trader approves of the efforts some companies have made to keep labor costs down.

Short-sellers in Europe get the green light as coronavirus bans on betting against stocks are lifted

The ban on short selling was put in place in March as the coronavirus pandemic roiled global markets.

Global stocks rise despite Fed’s Powell warning that the coronavirus downturn could last until late 2021

Investors cheered looser lockdowns and data showing a slowdown in the number of new coronavirus cases.