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YouTube and Amazon Prime are following Netflix by reducing streaming quality in Europe to prevent traffic overload in face of coronavirus pandemic

The demand for internet access has spiked in recent weeks as more people are spending time at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
An employee wearing a protective face mask disinfects a subway train in Moscow, Russia, on March 16, 2020.

Russia is aggressively exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to push disinformation and weaken Western society, EU security services warn in a new repor...

Russia is taking advantage of the confusion and panic as part of its wider aim to subvert Western society, the report says.

Brexit trade talks have been cancelled next week due to the coronavirus pandemic

The next round of Brexit trade negotiations, due to take place in London next week, have been cancelled because of the coronavirus.
President Donald Trump speaks on the US response to the coronavirus in a speech broadcast from the Oval Office of the White House on March 11, 2020.

Here is how Trump’s travel ban on Europe will work, and exactly who it applies to

The ban excludes US citizens and some other groups, and also doesn't include the UK and Ireland — which raises doubts about how it could work.
Boris Johnson and Michael Gove

Brexit trade talks may be cancelled as the coronavirus spreads rapidly across Europe

The next round of Brexit trade talks may be cancelled as the coronavirus epidemic grows.
A British Airways Airbus A320neo.

Airlines may soon stop flying near-empty ‘ghost flights’ thanks to a potential European Commission rule change

Empty aircraft have been flying over Europe in order to maintain valuable slots at top airports, but a rule change may end the practice.

The EU will tell Britain to give back the ancient Parthenon Marbles, ‘brutally removed’ from Greece over 200 years ago, if it wants a post...

The EU will tell Britain to give back ancient marbles 'brutally removed' from Greece over 200 years ago to secure a post-Brexit trade deal.
Boris Johnson

Everything you need to know about Boris Johnson’s plans to negotiate a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU

Boris Johnson is threatening to cut off all existing trade arrangements with the EU if they refuse to agree to his terms.
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaves Downing Street in London

Boris Johnson warns the EU he is ready to walk away from trade talks without a deal in June

The UK government's negotiating mandate says Johnson is prepared to walk away from talks with EU in June.

The EU will tell Britain that it cannot have a trade deal unless it bans chlorinated chicken

Boris Johnson is suspected of plotting to abandon UK food standards to win a Brexit trade deal with Trump.