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A child plays "Minecraft."

‘Minecraft’ has been quietly dominating for over 10 years, and now has 112 million players every month

Every month, over 112 million people play Microsoft's biggest game: "Minecraft." In fact, the game has been hugely popular for years.
Not all relationships are exclusive.

6 signs your relationship probably isn’t exclusive, even if you think it is

From being ignored to never knowing when you'll see the person you're dating next, here are some signs your relationship isn't actually exclusive.
John Cena pledges allegiance "to giving back, civil discourse, and the freedom to live your best life" in a new video.

John Cena is the face of a new campaign that celebrates diversity in the US: ‘That’s pretty much how I define American patriotism’

John Cena talks to INSIDER about SKYY Vodka's "Proudly American" campaign, which aims to celebrate diversity, representation, and innovation.
Summer travel for the rich and famous is extravagant, luxurious, and exclusive.

7 luxurious resorts where rich people spend their summer vacations

Summer travel for the rich is extravagant and exclusive, at an average cost of $30,000 for a weeklong trip, according to one expert. The millionaires and billionaires of the world stay at luxury resorts the world over and sail their yachts to Ibiza. Here are seven of the world's top luxury resorts.
Prince Harry teases a girl sitting next to him who had been stealing his popcorn while he pretended not to notice — his joking around with her won him even more hearts.

We asked the Queen’s former chef what Prince Harry was like as a kid, and the stories suggest he was just as mischievous as you’d imagine

Business Insider spoke to the Queen's former royal chef of 15 years Darren McGrady about what Prince Harry was like as a kid ahead of his marriage to Meghan Markle on Saturday May 19.
An aerial view of HMS Queen Elizabeth on December 7, 2017.

I was invited on the Royal Navy’s newest and most powerful aircraft carrier — here’s what it was like

HMS Queen Elizabeth was abuzz with preparation for a visit by Queen Elizabeth II just two days later.

EXCLUSIVE: PwC to shut 6 regional UK offices in 2018

Two internal memos seen by Business Insider show the firm is planning to close six regional offices and 'consolidate' into fewer, larger offices.
Attendees at one of Social Concierge's parties take a selfie.

The most elite dating clubs for young professionals in London and New York, ranked by price

Elite dating apps and clubs have well and truly caught on among young professionals worldwide.

Inside 5 Hertford Street, an exclusive London members’ club so secretive it won’t even reveal the cost of a membership

The club declined even to give a ballpark figure for the cost of membership. It is beloved of London's celebrity and royal crowd.

There’s a stunning private island in Essex where A-listers party, holiday, and honeymoon — and you can stay there from £355 a night

Just a couple of hours' drive from central London, Essex's best kept secret sits serenely on the Blackwater River.