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How to safely go to the gym and reduce your risk of getting the coronavirus

Gyms are re-opening, but workouts could still pose risk of infection from the coronavirus. Here's how to have a safer exercise session.

The best exercise balls

Exercise balls are great for many types of home workouts and even work for use at your desk for active seating. Here are our favorite exercise balls.
Lizzo lifts weights in addition to her stack of Grammy awards.

Lizzo’s high-intensity home workouts involve a ton of cardio, core, and strength-training. Here are her top moves.

Pop star Lizzo is famous for her high energy, and her home workouts are no exception. Here are the top exercises she's shared on TikTok.
Jorge Blanco training with Chris Hemsworth.

A personal trainer who has worked with Meghan Markle, Chris Hemsworth, and Drake broke down exactly what his workouts involve

Jorge Blanco has worked with numerous A-listers, telling Insider that Drake "picks things up very fast" and is "very fun to work with."

The best indoor bike trainers

The best indoor bike trainers keep you in riding shape and replicate the outdoor riding experience at home. Here are our favorite currently available.

Vegans may have better aerobic endurance than omnivores, and are just as strong, according to new research

Research on healthy, athletic young women found those on a vegan diet had significant better endurance, as measured by VO2 max.
The Couch to 5k program worked for me.

I tried a Couch to 5K program for a month and saw impressive results

I spent about four weeks following this program, which aims to get you in good enough shape to run a 5K. It was surprisingly easy to commit to.

The best resistance bands

Using a resistance band for your home workouts stimulates muscle growth and enhances a variety of exercises. Here are the best resistance bands.
Group fitness classes could increase risk of infection, with many people exercising intensely together in a small space (file image).

One dance fitness workshop led to 112 coronavirus cases in South Korea, a report says

Dance fitness instructors attended a workshop in South Korea. They didn't have symptoms of coronavirus, but infected 112 more people at other classes.
Heart rate is one of the most important indicators of your overall health.

What’s a good resting heart rate? What your resting heart rate can tell you about your overall health

A good resting heart rate depends on your age, gender, level of physical fitness, and overall lifestyle. Here's what you need to know.