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Sometimes when you're stressed, you just need to rest.

I struggle to eat healthy food and fit in exercise when I’m busy and stressed. How can I stay on track?

Your healthy lifestyle doesn't need to go out the window when you're stressed — a little bit of planning ahead is all you need.

Nintendo wants to make exercise fun again with this successor to Wii Fit on the Switch

"Ring Fit Adventure" will use new accessories, motion controls, and a leveling system to encourage people to workout with their Switch.
The Exercise Dress ($100) is made to move with you.

I worked out in a dress from Outdoor Voices, the startup behind the most Instagram-worthy exercise clothes — and no, it’s not a gimmick

Can you workout in a dress? Outdoor Voices says yes. I tried the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress for myself and I loved how easy it was to move around in.

The best indoor bike trainers you can buy

A high-quality indoor bike trainer can help you replicate the outdoor riding experience in your home. Here are our top recommendations for bike trainers.
Christian Castano from Dogpound gym showed me that you don't need to spend hours in the gym to get results.

The total body workout you can do in 10 minutes flat, according to a trainer who works with action stars and supermodels

Celebrity fitness trainer Christian Castano's routine had me sweaty and exhausted in mere minutes, with plenty of jumping movements and planks.
SoulCycle appears to have taken a hit this summer.

The call for boycott against SoulCycle appears to be working despite the tactic’s unpredictable record

Even though boycotts traditionally don't see much longterm change, attendance is down at SoulCycle after the Trump connection came to light.
The circular device above appears to be a new peripheral for the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo just teased a mysterious new device for the Nintendo Switch that will be revealed next week

It looks like Nintendo is about to announce a spiritual successor to its hit exercise software, "Wii Fit."
The company offers a version of its streaming service for customers who don't own its machines.

Streaming is causing a fitness revolution — and it could redefine gyms as we know them

With Peloton filing for an IPO and Equinox launching an at-home SoulCycle program, it's clear that at-home streaming workouts are having a moment.

This $2,200 rowing machine has live and pre-recorded workout videos that make exercising fun for me and my wife — here’s why it’s wo...

I used this at-home erg machine and it motivated my wife and me to work out more often. Here's what it's like to use and why I'd pay $2,200.

Peloton says it’s facing a big challenge among fitness firms: people exercise more in the fall and winter

The connected-fitness startup earns 63% of its revenue between October and March due to holiday shopping, New Year's resolutions, and cold weather.