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An illustration of Earth and the moon.

The speed of light is torturously slow, and these 3 simple animations by a scientist at NASA prove it

A scientist at NASA animated how long it takes light to travel around Earth, to the moon, and to Mars. The movies show just how slow light can be.
The newfound planet K2-288Bb, illustrated here, is slightly smaller than Neptune.

Scientists have discovered a new planet twice the size of Earth, and it could have liquid water on its surface

Scientists have discovered a new planet that's 226 light-years away. It is roughly twice the size of Earth, which is rare for an exoplanet.
An illustration of the exoplanet candidate Barnard's star b, also known as GJ 699 b.

Astronomers found a ‘cold super-Earth’ less than 6 light-years away — and it may be the first rocky planet we’ll photograph be...

Astronomers think they've found a "cold super-Earth." It might be the first exoplanet they photograph with a coming generation of powerful telescopes.
An illustration of NASA's Kepler space telescope.

NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler telescope is dead 9 years after launching into space

The Kepler space telescope was launched in 2009 and has stared down more than 500,000 stars. But NASA says Kepler has run out of fuel.
A rendering of the Giant Magellan Telescope in Chile.

A $1 billion telescope that will take pictures 10 times sharper than Hubble’s is now officially under construction

The Giant Magellan Telescope is finally under construction at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. The telescope is on track to be the world's largest and most powerful when it takes it first images of space. Data collected by GMT could help astronomers "sniff" alien atmospheres.
An illustration of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite in space.

NASA’s biggest-ever hunt for alien planets is finally underway — and the agency expects to discover ‘strange, fantastic worlds’...

TESS, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, is a space telescope designed to discover small, rocky, Earth-like exoplanets in nearby solar systems. NASA launched the observatory on April 18, but it took months for it to reach an orbit near the moon and begin scanning the skies.
An artist's concept of a dusty, planet-forming disk around a star.

Astronomers caught a planet being born for the first time in a stunning new picture

Astronomers have taken the first confirmed picture of a newborn planet. The planet, called PDS 70b, is about 370 light-years from Earth and orbits a dwarf star. A series of images suggests the distant planet has a cloudy atmosphere and is 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
An illustration of NASA's Kepler space telescope.

The NASA spacecraft that discovered almost every Earth-like planet we know about is about to die

NASA's Kepler space telescope was first launched in 2009 to survey parts of the Milky Way galaxy, searching for Earth-size and smaller planets.
An artist's rendering of an extrasolar planet.

NASA has Googled the stars — and found new rocky planets in a ‘major discovery’

NASA astronomers teamed up with Google to use machine learning to sift through Kepler telescope data and found the first eight-planet solar system besides ours.

An ‘absolutely phenomenal’ discovery hints 4 Earth-size planets may orbit the closest sun to our own

Two of the worlds may orbit inside Tau Ceti's "habitable zone," where water can be liquid.