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Working a four-day workweek was challenging.

I tried a 4-day, compressed workweek. Here are 7 reasons why I wouldn’t want to do it again.

An Insider reporter found the four-day workweek to be more stressful and more difficult to manage than a normal schedule.
Stefan H. Thomke.

A Harvard Business School professor on how companies like Google and Amazon use experimentation to innovate, grow, and improve

One prime example of repeated experimentation was the creation of the Post-it note, Stefan H. Thomke writes.

I used a $16 ‘Thinking Egg’ for mindfulness, and it worked better than I expected

I wanted to try the small egg that was advertised as a possible solution to stress and anxiety for myself.
Rats at the University oof Richmond learn how to drive tiny cars.

These rats learned how to drive tiny little cars so they could eat Froot Loops, and it’s so precious

If you think you can’t get your driver’s license, these rats did.
On the left, an unidentified Petromyzontidae sp. and rabbit fish (Chimaera monstrosa) in Grant Museum of Zoology, London, England.

Japan approved experiments that would allow for animal-human hybrids to be born for the first time ever

According to researchers, the goal of the experiment is to create organs that might be viable for humans.
Beat Wampfler wants to make better Emmental cheese.

A cheesemaker is Switzerland is playing hip-hop and rock to his Emmental to make it taste better

The cheese is being blasted with a mixture of rock, classical, and hip-hop music.

Scientists discovered new genes that make humans intelligent

According to new research, there are 52 specific genes that may be responsible for human intelligence. Scientists want to find out what each one does.

Working out during my lunch break for a week had a huge effect on my productivity

Lunchtime workouts help increase energy and productivity.