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A nurse prepares a flu shot in Atlanta.

A 4-year-old girl in Iowa went blind after the flu caused a rare disease to impair her brain function

Jade DeLucia did not get vaccinated. Her parents are now speaking out about the importance of an annual flu shot.
A new parasitic worm has been found to infect human eyeballs, likely transmitted by flies.

A woman pulled a half-inch-long worm out of her eyeball after a trail run, and then found 3 more

She's only the second known human case of the infection, which is typically found in cattle but may be spread by flies.
Hubble's branding is part of its appeal in social media ads. The direct-to-consumer contact-lens provider offers first-time customers a trial box for $1.

I’ve used buzzy contacts subscription startup Hubble for almost 3 years, but never thought twice about it until I learned why some doctors hate ...

I reconsidered wearing Hubble contacts after eye doctors said the lens material is outdated and the company risks selling patients incorrect contacts.
"All the doctors are in shock," Kazaryan told Mir24.tv. "They have not encountered such a disease and do not know how to treat it."

A woman can’t stop crying jagged ‘crystal’ tears and doctors are baffled by her ‘anatomically impossible’ condition

The 22-year-old in Armenia said she cries nearly 50 crystallized tears every day. One doctor said tear ducts are too small to pass crystals.
A non-auris form of Candida from a liver sample is shown under a microscope.

A man needed his right eye removed after a deadly drug-resistant fungal infection blinded it

Candida auris can evolve so quickly, it can resist normal fungal treatments that are designed to kill it.
A processed foods-only diet can lead to serious health consequences.

A teenager went blind after eating nothing but fries, white bread, chips, and processed meats

The boy's story was documented in a medical case study. He had nutritional optic neuropathy, which can be caused by drug use or poor diet.

These computer glasses reflect blue light and prevent screen-induced headaches — and they’re available with prescription lenses

Eyewear startup Felix Gray, known for their reflective computer glasses, recently started offering their styles with prescription lenses for $145 a pair.

How to treat a stye and the products you need to do it

Styes can be a very annoying ailment, but many people do not know how to properly treat them. Here's what you can do treat a stye.
Some influencers are promoting trendy blue-light blocking glasses despite lack of scientific evidence surrounding their efficacy.

Instagram influencers are promoting blue light glasses that are supposed to minimize eye strain, but the science behind them is overhyped

Instagram influencers are promoting blue-light blocking glasses, but some claims about their efficacy aren't supported by research.

An artist found an inch-long parasitic worm in his eye — and created a haunting image

Parasitic nematodes, also known as Loa loa worms or African eyeworms, are parasites spread primarily by the bites of flies. People often don't notice they're infected until they spot a worm wriggling in their eye.