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Lewis Hamilton likes his new wheels.

Lewis Hamilton screamed ‘woo-hoo!’ mid-lap when he took his new Mercedes F1 car for its first spin

Mercedes unveiled its new Formula 1 car for 2019 and Lewis Hamilton was like a young kid at Christmas as he hurtled the W10 around Silverstone.

An F1 engineer who used to deliver pizza shares how he got his job designing racecars – though he’s still in university

Debono said he would regularly check through the jobs page of every F1 team, and email HR departments introducing himself and asking for internships. He seldom heard back.

Here are 3 ways the Singapore Grand Prix track affects F1 drivers, according to an expert

Singapore's unique F1 circuit is trickier than normal to handle.

Singapore Grand Prix introduces new ways to catch this year’s F1 race like a baller

Wine and dine while catching this year's race.
Formula 1 has banned grid girls from the sport.

Furious Formula 1 ‘grid girls’ who were fired from their jobs say they’ve ‘lost important income because feminists think they ...

'Grid girls' and 'darts girls' are fighting back on social media after losing their jobs doing promo work at sports events.

Malaysia signs off from F1 with a larger turnout

Sepang, Malaysia - Malays...