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Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg at a press conference after Boeing's annual shareholders meeting in Chicago in April.

Boeing executives reportedly rejected a safety system in the 737 Max because it was too expensive

A senior Boeing engineer filed a complaint earlier this year saying executives opted for a cheaper solution, which affected safety.

A new NTSB report about the Boeing 737 Max crashes tells the FAA to change its scenarios for testing new planes

The report suggests that the FAA and Boeing assumed pilots would behave one way, when in reality multiple cockpit alarms made things different.

The 737 Max will be the safest plane in the skies once it starts flying again

The level of scrutiny with which the 737 Max and the process of fixing it have endured, and the existential need to get it right, give me confidence.

The airspace around Area 51 is being closed by the FAA ahead of the planned ‘Storm Area 51’ event

The original event has been canceled, but there are concerns that some people may show up at the restricted military outpost anyway.
Grounded Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are seen parked in an aerial photo at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington, U.S. July 1, 2019. Picture taken July 1, 2019.

European regulators say they’ll test the fixed 737 Max themselves, rather than trusting the FAA’s findings

Global regulators usually defer to the agency from the plane-maker's home country, but the European agency is conducting its own 737 Max review.
Undelivered Boeing 737 Max planes sit idle at a Boeing property in Seattle, Washington, in August 2019.

The Boeing 737 Max could be grounded through the holidays thanks to a series of new delays, and airlines are cancelling thousands of flights because o...

Amid reports of new delays bringing the Boeing 737 Max back, American said it would cancel flights through December 3, and United through December 19.

Boeing shares slide as the latest 737 Max delay threatens holiday-season travel

Boeing's CEO said in August the jet is expected to hit skies in the fourth quarter, but recertification delays could keep the Max grounded into 2020.

A recalled MacBook Pro has been banned on more than a dozen airlines — here are the carriers that won’t let you bring the laptop on board

Certain models of the laptop were banned from flights after Apple issued a recall. The batteries on the computers can overheat and ignite.

Boeing plans to hire hundreds of temp workers to help deliver grounded 737 Max airplanes, but the families of people who died in a crash involving the...

The embattled plane maker plans to submit its fix for the 737 Max to the FAA in September, and to get the plane flying again by November.
A 737 Max aircraft at the Boeing factory in Renton, Washington.

A Boeing 737 Max panel will reportedly tell the FAA to revise how it certifies new planes

The Joint Authorities Technical Review (JATR) is expected to issue its recommendations to the FAA as early as next week.