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Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Chinese government rejects allegations that its face masks were defective, tells countries to ‘double check’ instructions

The Chinese government told other countries to "double-check" the instructions for using the defective face masks.
You shouldn't reuse a face mask unless you absolutely have to.

Can you reuse a face mask? It won’t be as effective if you do

Face masks are not meant to be reused. But a shortage is forcing health care workers to — here's the best way to reuse a face mask if you have to.
Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban calls out 3M for allowing distributors to jack up prices for critical N95 respiratory masks

Mark Cuban accused 3M of failing to keep prices of its face masks low when they are critical to protecting health workers battling the coronavirus.
Respirators, like the N95 face masks, are necessary to protect health care workers from illness.

How respirators work, and who needs to wear a face mask

Respirators, like the N95 face masks, help prevent the spread of infectious particles — and are most necessary for health care workers.

The best face masks

Face masks can help replenish, moisturize, and cleanse your skin, but many aren't effective. These are the best face masks that improve skin health.
Masks are seen on a production line manufacturing masks at a factory in Shanghai

Doctors and nurses are pleading online for protective equipment using #GetMePPE

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a shortage of medical protective gear. Some medical workers are reusing their single-use masks for days.
Surgical face masks can help shield large germ-containing droplets, like spit, from infecting people close by, but aren't much use if worn by healthy people.

All the different types of face masks, and who should wear them during the coronavirus outbreak

Healthy people should not buy masks, but people who are sick, caregivers, and healthcare workers can benefit from some protection. Here's a rundown.

This $13 clay mask is one of the most popular beauty products on Amazon, and it’s the only thing that has helped clear up my skin

This inexpensive clay mask is the only thing I've ever tried that has markedly improved my skin. These before and after photos mean I'm not alone in that, either.

Businesses are selling face masks for hundreds of dollars to profit off of the coronavirus and authorities are cracking down

Face masks are being sold for hundreds of dollars amid coronavirus outbreak and New York City has cracked down on predatory pricing.
A woman pushes a stroller with two dogs wearing masks along a street in Shanghai on February 19, 2020.

A new satirical browser extension automatically adds a face mask to any face it detects on the internet

A satirical web browser extension is here to help make a "safer browsing experience": it puts face masks on every face it identifies.