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Steve Ballmer, photographed in 2009 while CEO of Microsoft.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s has advice for Facebook and Google: Don’t make the mistake we did

The backlash against Silicon Valley is growing, and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer thinks the tech industry needs to work with regulators to fix it. He says that if he could do it all again, he would have worked with the government to find a solution after it was slapped with an antitrust suit at the turn of the millennium.
All political ads on Facebook and Instagram must now be clearly labeled.

Facebook is rejecting ads from restaurants, hair salons, and job fairs because they’re too ‘political,’ and people are furious

Facebook launched a new policy to prevent abuse of political ads in May. Anyone running political ads on Facebook must be authorized to do so by confirming their identity and location, but some small businesses are complaining that their ads have been rejected on political grounds.
Mark Zuckerberg shows off Facebook's master plan, circa 2016.

Facebook’s controversial app for children, Messenger Kids, is expanding outside of the United States for the first time

Child advocacy groups have called on Facebook to take down the Messenger Kids app, arguing that young kids aren't ready to use social media. Still, Messenger Kids is expanding to Canada and Peru.
A still from the video, which was also shared to YouTube.

Instagram deleted a video by a news outlet that identified members of a white supremacist group

Instagram took down a video that identified members of a white supremacist group. The takedown highlights how social networks frequently struggle with how to handle newsworthy content.

How to use IGTV, the new Instagram app for watching and creating long-form videos

Instagram has launched IGTV, a standalone app for creating long-form videos. The app is geared toward celebrities and influencers, but anyone can create their own videos and upload them to the app.

Instagram is taking on YouTube now that more people are watching long-form videos online

Instagram announced its new in-app long-form video feature on the same day as it revealed that its photo-sharing application has reached 1 billion users. IGTV won't have ads to start, but that's "obviously a very reasonable place to end up," so creators can be paid, says CEO Kevin Systrom.
Hinge has a focus on "real relationships."

Tinder’s owner took a controlling stake in Hinge as it stares down the threat from Facebook

Tinder owner Match has acquired a 51% stake in Hinge for an undisclosed fee. Match first took a stake in Hinge in September last year and has the right to acquire its remaining shares over the next 12 months.

Instagram just declared war on YouTube with a new longform-video app

Instagram announced Wednesday that it would launch a longform-video app called IGTV for influencers and celebrities to help it compete with the likes of YouTube and Snapchat.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook is testing subscriptions for private groups, where you pay as much as $30/month for access to exclusive content

Facebook is testing a feature that would let Facebook Group administrators charge members for access to private, exclusive virtual clubs.