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Chinese government forces people to scan their face before they can use internet as surveillance efforts mount

China's roughly 854 million internet users need to use facial identification in order to apply for new internet or mobile services.
Mayo Clinic researchers found that facial recognition software could accurately match patients to their scans.

Facial-recognition software is now so advanced that it can identify you only from an MRI scan of your brain, a new study reveals

The software was able to correctly identify patients more than 80% of the time, which current privacy laws do not account for.
SenseTime is developing facial recognition used against Uighurs in China.

If you uploaded photos of your kids to Flickr they might have been used to train AI

A University of Washington photo database trained facial-recognition algorithms for hundreds of companies using photos uploaded to Flickr.
A homeless woman sits bundled against the cold as she begs for handouts on East 42nd Street in the Manhattan borough of New York

Google contractors allegedly offered darker-skinned homeless people $5 dollar gift cards to scan their faces for facial recognition software

Multiple sources claiming to have worked on the data collection project claim they were instructed to record the faces of homeless people
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon adds fear detection and age ranges to its facial-recognition tech as the Border Patrol looks to award a $950 million contract

Amazon has been adding more features to its facial recognition technology and shrugging off growing protests about use of the tech by law enforcement.
If CT scanners become popular at US airports, travelers would likely not have to remove laptops from their bags.

Hackers stole photos of travelers’ faces and license plates collected by the US Customs and Border Protection agency

The agency wouldn't say how many photos had been stolen. But it blamed the breach on a subcontractor, which had transferred the images to its network.
The LG G8.

LG’s latest flagship phone is a solid alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy S10e, but only if you can get it at a discount

The LG G8 is LG's flagship phone, and it's more like the cheapest of Samsung's new phones. But that's not a bad thing.
The Galaxy S10e's capacitive fingerprint sensor works better than the Galaxy S10's in-display sensor.

The new Galaxy S10 has a fancy new fingerprint sensor — but the old-fashioned version on the cheaper S10e is significantly better

Samsung is using the latest technology for the Galaxy S10's fingerprint sensor, but it doesn't always work as well as older tech.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft’s CEO says that facial recognition technology can be ‘terrible’ and detrimental to society, even as Amazon sells it to law...

Microsoft has been calling for regulation of facial recognition tech after its arch rival Amazon landed in the hot seat.