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25 of the biggest failed products from the world’s biggest companies

From Nintendo's Virtual Boy to Amazon's Fire phone, even the biggest companies can have major flops.

26 of the most epic product fails in American history

Remember Zune? JooJoo? Exactly. From Pepsi to Facebook, here are some of the biggest corporate belly flops.
This is how you can mess up your weekend.

11 things unsuccessful people do over the weekend

When it comes to weekends, the main thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people is mindfulness.
Sahil Lavingia, founder and CEO of Gumroad.

The true, raw story of how I raised a boatload of money at age 19 to build a billion dollar company — then failed

In 2011, Sahil Lavingia left his job to build Gumroad, which he dreamed would become a billion-dollar company. It didn't — and he's fine with it.

Some successful people keep a ‘failure résumé’ filled with the jobs they didn’t get and the awards they didn’t win

Some successful people keep failure résumés with sections about the jobs they didn't get, awards they didn't win, and dreams they failed to achieve.
Bill Gates and Melinda Gates, pictured, didn't give up on their ultimate goal.

The Gates Foundation’s initial missteps in eradicating polio hold a powerful lesson about the importance of confronting failure

Bill and Melinda Gates initially failed to stop the spread of polio, so they took a step back and retooled their approach to be more effective.

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles’ Super Bowl victory speech has an important lesson about failure

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles gave a touching speech on failure and resilience after being named the MVP of last year's Super Bowl.
"If I don't ask for your help and you're not aware that I'm hitting this barrier, then I can't expect for you to help me," said Sarah Wagener, pictured.

A former Facebook HR exec says many bosses are too uncomfortable to ask people a hugely important question

A boss should ask her employees if they think they're crushing their current job — and if not, where they'd like to improve.
David Steckel, cofounder of Setter.

A startup founder who’s raised $10 million has a rule to weed out job candidates who seem a little too good to be true

If you've never failed before, you won't get a job at the home-maintenance startup Setter.
This is why we're always jumping from one workout to the next.

The biggest threat to success isn’t failure — it’s something much harder to beat

When you're bored with good habits you've been practicing for a while, it can be hard to stick with them. Is the solution a "variable reward" system?