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Most of the time, these problems don't get better on their own.

Couples are going to therapy before getting married to get help dealing with their in-laws

More and more unmarried couples are going to couples therapy to get help dealing with their in-laws. Relationship coach and consultant Peter Pearson says it's important to address these issues sooner than later.
Middle child syndrome probably isn't a real thing.

‘Middle child syndrome’ isn’t what you think — here’s what it really means

Middle children are supposedly excluded and sour, and although this isn't necessarily true, it nevertheless instills some psychological side effects.
Natural Cycles founders Elina Berglund Raoul Schewitzl

The first app to get approved as birth control in Europe has now been green-lit in the US, despite controversy

Birth-control app Natural Cycles has been approved by the US FDA, shortly after it came under fire in Sweden when 37 women reported getting pregnant while using it. Using an algorithm, the app tells women when they have the highest and lowest chances of getting pregnant.
The author, Kristie Kam, as a toddler.

7 reasons the way my parents raised me just won’t work for my kids

Living in Hong Kong, my parents followed a Chinese style of parenting, which tends to emphasize control and obedience. After moving to New York at 15, I realized that the parenting style practiced by my parents limited self-expression and creativity. Here's how I plan to raise my kids differently.
Many believe middle children are neglected, damaged, and more shy than their siblings.

4 myths about being a middle child that you should stop believing — according to a psychology professor

The middle child is often portrayed as an underachiever with underdeveloped social skills. Many believe that those with "middle-child syndrome" are damaged from receiving less attention. In reality, the middle child can cultivate skills that their siblings often don't because of their birth order.
The author, Steven John, and his family.

The 6 smartest things I did before I had my second child

Having a second kid can bring different challenges than the first. Though you've been through the process, having a second kid can compromise your time and energy in new ways — plus you already know how hard it is this time around. Here are the six smartest things I did to prepare for baby No. 2.
As usual, it's all their fault.

Oldest children tend to become the richest and most successful — and it could be thanks to their parents

Your success in life — meaning your intelligence, your personality, your job, and your salary — may be influenced by your birth order, an economist argues. Other researchers don't quite agree.

Young people today are having fewer babies than older generations because kids are just too expensive

Kids are so expensive that Americans are having fewer of them than ever before. According to a survey commissioned by The New York Times, many people are worried about the cost of starting a family.

Using money as a weapon is called financial abuse — and it’s the ultimate form of manipulative control

In her new book, therapist Shannon Thomas shares the stories of people who were financially abused by someone close to them. The tales range from the controlling to the criminal. Thomas spoke to Business Insider about what she learned and what shocked her the most.
Indeed.com found the most family-friendly jobs.

The 20 most flexible jobs for working parents

Working moms and working dads often need a more flexible work environment. But only one in 30 job postings tout their family-friendly or flexible work options.