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13 hard truths about parenting no one wants to believe

Real parents dish on the most surprising parts of having kids — that no one wants to talk about.

All the Monopoly rules you’ve probably been playing wrong your whole life

Nearly all of us have been getting the game wrong.
This isn't your mama's parenting style.

6 ways millennials are raising kids differently than their parents

Millennial parents are raising their kids differently than any generation before them. We rounded up the biggest contrasts experts have observed.

The head of a Japanese rent-a-friend company reveals what it’s like to lead a double life

Ishii Yuichi is the founder of Family Romance, a Japanese company that hires actors to pose as people's fake wedding dates, fake boyfriends, and more.
First comes baby; then comes marriage.

One of the happiest countries in the world does marriage differently from most everywhere else

In Norway, more kids are born to cohabiting parents than to married parents. Most Scandinavians don't see marriage as an obligatory step for starting a family.
They're informed — but overwhelmed.

‘Google is the new grandparent, the new neighbor, the new nanny’ — millennial parents are doing things differently than any other ge...

Millennial parents — a.k.a. "parennials" — are searching for parenting advice online, instead of asking friends and family. And it's a double-edged sword.
Paul Ryan, pictured with his family in 2012, lost his own dad as a teenager.

Paul Ryan says he’s retiring to stop being a ‘weekend dad’ — and it could be a reflection of how parenting is changing in the ...

Paul Ryan, speaker of the House, announced that he's retiring from Congress to spend more time with his kids. It could be an excuse — or a sign of change.
It helps parents avoid that "yucky" feeling.

Moms are joining together and collectively deciding their kids should only get 4 gifts at a time — here’s their logic

Many parents now use the "want/need/wear/read" gifting strategy to ensure that their kids don't get greedy and forget what the holidays are really about.