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More than 4,500 cardboard cutout fans have been installed in a German soccer stadium.

Photos show how cardboard cutouts and sanitation stations are becoming the new normal for sports stadiums around the world

From boxing in Nicaragua to soccer in Germany, athletes are still playing sports, and stadiums are adapting to what may be a new normal.
Bretman Rock addressed his fans in an Instagram story posted on Wednesday.

Beauty influencer Bretman Rock is begging fans to stop visiting his home to take photos with him, especially during the coronavirus pandemic

This isn't the first time Bretman Rock has addressed overly eager fans. Back in November 2019, the YouTuber said people crashed his father's funeral.
Justin Bieber apparently sent a DM to a fan after she tweeted that she wasn't a fan of his new album.

A Justin Bieber fan said the singer DM’ed her after she said she wasn’t impressed with his new album, ‘Changes’

Justin Bieber released "Changes" on Friday. One fan tweeted that she wasn't into his new music, then said Bieber DM'ed her: "Too bad."

‘Stupid Love,’ supposedly an upcoming Lady Gaga track, went viral after her fans circulated the ‘leaked’ song

A track shared among Lady Gaga fans called "Stupid Love" went viral worldwide following months of her vague teasing about her upcoming album.
Charles Penn, left, and Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs were losing Sunday’s playoff game 24-0, and a fan was convinced it was his fault. When he left the stadium, the team had a massive co...

Charles Penn, who goes by "Big Buck Chuck" on Twitter, posted a video on Twitter explaining why he was leaving Sunday's playoff game.

‘We know we are obnoxious’: netizens defend #1 YouTuber PewDiePie, who called Singapore, Malaysia fans ‘crazy’ after stalking ...

"I was being a bit dishonest when I spoke about Singapore, because actually, the first time I got recognised in Singapore, that was a huge thing for me," he said.
Jeffree Star speaks on Instagram over the weekend.

Jeffree Star is asking fans to stay away from his new home, and says he has armed guards living there

On Instagram, Jeffree Star said his assistant and a security guard will also live in his new mansion.
Ariana Grande is rarely seen without her pony.

Ariana Grande pulled on her natural curly hair in a video and fans are begging her to wear it more often

Fans flooded Grande's social media with pleas to keep her hair natural all the time because it's "hella cute."
James Charles mocked the viral video.

James Charles mocked YouTuber band the Dobre Brothers with a parody video of their miserable meet and greet

Charles posted a video with the same apology statement as the Dobre Brothers, and pretended to be stony faced and miserable when a fan walked in.
Luckily Lady Gaga didn't break any bones.

Lady Gaga said her whole body was X-rayed after being dropped by a fan during a performance

"When they have to X-Ray almost your entire body..." she wrote on Instagram. "Just Dance. Gonna be ok."