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Nicole Kidman has a farmhouse in Australia.

Take a look inside Nicole Kidman’s $4.5 million farmhouse in Australia

The actress's farmhouse has a billiard room, a library, a cottage, an orchard, and 111 acres of farmland.

A crew in Indiana installing a sewer line discovered mastodon bones that could date back as far as 20,000 years ago

A construction crew in Indiana was digging in the ground for a sewer project. In the process, they stumbled upon ancient mastodon bones.

Record flooding is devastating the Midwest and could saddle Nebraska’s farmers with nearly $1 billion of damage

Record flooding has devastated farmers across the Midwest, hitting them with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage to crops and livestock.

America’s farmers are swimming in $409 billion of debt

American farmers are facing the most debt in decades.

Trump’s immigration crackdown is hurting US farms with its unintended consequences

Unauthorized immigrants make up a large portion of the agriculture workforce, and Trump's immigration crackdown has the industry worried.