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Ear piercings, regardless of the type, are extremely popular.

A guide to 13 common types of ear piercings you could get

Piercings on the earlobe, for example, are extremely common, whereas orbital and industrial piercings are a little more daring.
Luxury shoe startup M.Gemi is known for its "Monday Drop" model.

5 cool online startups that drop new products every single week of the year

Startups like M.Gemi and Everlane are flipping the script and employing ambitious weekly drop schedules to keep their customers engaged and excited.
Kate Middleton sported a casual look to meet with farming and agriculture workers.

An adorable video shows Kate Middleton explaining to a young fan why she wasn’t in a ‘Princess Elsa dress’

Kate Middleton recently wore a more casual look to meet with farming families in the English countryside.
Jeff Bezos wearing a blazer that may or may not be made by Brunello Cucinelli.

Jeff Bezos, Drew Houston, and a group of other tech execs traveled to a remote Italian village to meet with the fashion designer Silicon Valley is obs...

Silicon Valley elite traveled to fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli's Italian village to discuss how to make the world a better place.
Hoop earrings and spiked hair were all the rage.

17 fashion trends from the 2000s that should never come back

From gaucho pants to spike-y hair, here are 17 fashion and beauty trends from the 2000s that should stay in the past.
Birkenstock EVA Arizona Sandals

These super-lightweight Birkenstocks only cost $40 — but they’re just as comfortable as the leather kind

I swear by Birkenstocks — I've been wearing them pretty much my whole life. I have quite a few pairs, but here's why the foam EVA sandals are my favorite.
Gomez rocks a $13,017 Celine dress on the red carpet.

Selena Gomez wore a $13,000 minidress covered in feathers on the red carpet

Selena Gomez paired the Celine dress, made from silk and ostrich feathers, with shiny black heels and simple makeup.
Model Amanda Sanders at a Revolve event.

How Revolve used a massive network of influencers and celebrities to become a fashion giant

Revolve launched its initial public offering on Friday at a valuation of $1.2 billion. Here's a look at how the fashion brand rose to prominence.
This 2KOLYORY shirt on Gilt is priced at $99, which is $16 more than it costs from the designer.

Online store Gilt is being slammed for listing some clothes for higher prices than their retail value

INSIDER found some products on Gilt are listed at prices comparable to those on different retail sites, but other items seem to be more expensive.
You can purchase the bags at Disney World, or on the ShopDisney website.

You can now buy Disney World-inspired backpacks printed with cartoons of fan-favorite rides and characters

Characters like Big Al from the Country Bear Jamboree, Orange Bird, and the Hatbox Ghost from the Haunted Mansion are all featured on the bags.