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Rich Romans scoffed at these fast food restaurants — but that didn't stop some from visiting.

Fast food has existed since ancient Rome — where restaurants sold fish sauce and baked cheese — and narrowly survived 2 emperors

Fast food isn't a modern invention. The ancient Romans used to chow down at places called thermopolia.
Fast food chains are recruiting at churches and through AARP.

Forget teenagers: Fast food joints across the US are hiring senior citizens, and it’s thanks to 2 major demographic trends

Fast food chains across the US are hiring senior citizens instead of teenagers, thanks to a shortage of workers and the fact that more Americans are working past age 65.
There's a new way to get your grub — and it may be a good thing for fast-food employees.

Robots are already working in fast-food restaurants — here’s exactly what they’re doing right now

McDonald's, KFC, Panera, and other fast food joints already have robot employees. Experts say that this automation won't replace human workers. Instead, they say the bots fill a major labor gap in food service.
The stress of learning new technology, without additional training or compensation, is getting real at some fast food restaurants.

The fast food industry is facing a growing crisis

Fast food workers in restaurants such as McDonald's and Taco Bell are quitting more than they have in over two decades. Some workers say the technological changes within the restaurants influence their choice to leave.
Employees at In-N-Out Burger say they're more satisfied than others at tech giants like Google and Microsoft.

In-N-Out employees can work their way up to $160,000 a year with no degree or previous experience

In-N-Out Burger pays employees really well, with store managers pulling in six-figure yearly salaries.
Arby's recent offbeat image has an unlikely root in the baseball book "Moneyball."

Arby’s CEO is now in charge of turning around Buffalo Wild Wings — here’s how ‘Moneyball’ inspired his hugely successful...

Arby's CEO Paul Brown looked to "Moneyball" for inspiration when crafting a comeback plan for the fast food company. Now he's got Buffalo Wild Wings to save.

Arby’s CEO explains how being unafraid to ask ‘silly questions’ helped him transform the company

Arby's CEO Paul Brown didn't want to come into the company with a holier-than-thou attitude.

A hedge fund manager added a twist to his newest presentation blasting Buffalo Wild Wings

Mick McGuire of Marcato Capital is still putting pressure on Buffalo Wild Wings to change its business.

This Mexican chain doesn’t want to be the ‘sexy’ new Chipotle — and that’s why it’s winning

Del Taco is thriving not by being "sexy," but by carving out a place in the restaurant industry between Chipotle and Taco Bell.