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Fasting? No sweat. Half of all Malaysian Muslims continue to work out during Ramadan to keep fit, survey finds

But 7 in 10 said the hardest thing during fasting was not drinking water.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he eats only one meal a day and fasts all weekend. Experts say this kind of ‘intermittent fasting’ could be d...

Jack Dorsey is practicing "intermittent fasting" by eating only one meal per day and fasting on weekends, but experts warn against copying the Twitter CEO.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says he eats only one meal a day and fasts all weekend, and people are concerned he might have an eating disorder

Dorsey's odd diet has many worried his unusual eating habits sound like an eating disorder.

The keto diet fascinated Americans most in 2018. Here are the top 10 diet trends of the year, according to Google.

People were interested in fat-heavy, meaty diets like keto as well as eating trends that emphasized periods of fasting and indulging.
Intermittent fasting requires a lot of discipline and there are some things you should know before giving the buzzy diet a try.

The best and worst types of intermittent fasting, according to experts

Chances are you've heard of intermittent fasting. But you might not know that there are actually four different types of the buzzworthy diet. To get the scoop on the best and worst types, INSIDER spoke to experts. Here's what you need to know.

The amazing ways intermittent fasting affects your body and brain

The benefits of intermittent fasting go beyond weight loss. These fasts may improve heart health, reduce cancer risk, and lower risk for other diseases.

There’s new evidence that Silicon Valley’s favorite diet has benefits that go beyond weight loss

Intermittent fasting, a diet that involves eating whatever you want within a short window of time, has been shown to be effective for weight loss. A small new study that's the first of its kind suggests a range of health benefits that go beyond that.

A strange diet is designed to slow aging by mimicking fasting — here’s how it works and what people eat

The "fasting-mimicking diet" is designed to mimic the health benefits of fasting. People eat normally most of the time, but cut calories drastically and eat a specific blend of nutrients for five days at a time. Some buy meal kits for the fast, which cost between $250 and $300.
Skipping breakfast has changed the way I eat.

I skipped breakfast for 3 weeks — and it made me save money, drink more water, eat less, and crave healthier food

The whole process made me question why I was eating: habit, boredom, or actual hunger?

I tried the popular Silicon Valley diet credited with boosting energy and prolonging life — and I can see why people are obsessed

A beginner's guide to intermittent fasting, otherwise known as "IF," "restricted feeding," or just plain fasting.