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Reporters on Air Force One get Trump’s tweets handed to them on paper because there’s no WiFi

With no internet in the press cabin of Air Force One, journalists are handed tweets from President Donald Trump on paper, a White House reporter has revealed. On the flight home from Helsinki, on Monday Trump tweeted a message that backtracked on his comments questioning US intelligence agencies.

New Mueller indictment reveals that a congressional candidate requested stolen documents from Russian hackers in 2016

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced on Friday the indictment of 12 Russian government operative. The charging document says a candidate for the US Congress requested information and documents on their campaign's opponent before the 2016 election.
FBI agent Peter Strzok faced tough questioning on the Trump-Russia dossier on from the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

Strzok says the salacious Trump-Russia dossier is not why the FBI’s Russia investigation was launched

FBI official Peter Strzok on Thursday said the salacious Trump-Russia dossier is not why the FBI launched its investigation into Russian interference in the US presidential election while testifying under oath to the House Judiciary Committee.

Hearing with FBI agent goes off the rails after GOP congressman asks how many times he lied to his wife about cheating on her

"You need your medication!" Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee can be heard shouting at Rep. Louie Gohmert amid the chaos.
A screenshot from a video published by Trident Lakes shows the location of a proposed spa.

A doomsday shelter for the 1% is being investigated by the FBI as a possible front for a Colombian money laundering scheme

Trident Lakes, a doomsday getaway for the rich, is reportedly being investigated by the FBI as a possible front for a Colombian drug trafficking scheme. The buzzy Texas condo development promised hundreds of fortified, underground condos where the 1% could live out the apocalypse.
Whitney Wolfe Herd.

The 28-year-old CEO of Bumble travels with a bodyguard after staff details were posted on a neo-Nazi website

Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd travels with a bodyguard and employs full-time security at the company's offices, according to an interview in The Times. This is after a cyber attack on Bumble last summer, when a neo-Nazi website published an article with photos and phone numbers of Bumble staff.
Former Senate Intelligence Committee aide James A. Wolfe; New York Times reporter Ali Watkins.

How a young reporter’s affair with a top government staffer became the center of a classified leak investigation

Ali Watkins, a young New York Times reporter, recently became the known journalist to have her communications seized by the Trump administration. She'd been having an affair with a senior staffer on the Senate Intelligence Committee, which she covered.

Peter Strzok — the controversial agent who sent texts about Trump — has been escorted from FBI headquarters

FBI agent Peter Strzok was escorted from FBI headquarters as part of internal proceedings involving him, his lawyer said in a statement. Strzok was a key figure in both the Russia investigation and the Hillary Clinton email probe.

DOJ officials struck down Trump’s biggest claim about the inspector general’s brutal report on the FBI and the Clinton probe

President Donald Trump's main talking point about a recently released report about the FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation is that it "exonerates" him in the Russia investigation. Department of Justice officials disagree.
Donald Trump and James Comey.

Trump says he showed ‘good instincts’ by firing Comey before he had found any wrongdoing

"The report does identify errors of judgment, violations of, or even disregard for policy, and decisions that at the very least, with the benefit of hindsight, were not the best choices," FBI Director Christopher Wray said of the report. "We need to hold ourselves accountable."