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I’ve been covering the auto industry for a decade, and I’ve never seen more people getting the market wrong

The 17 million US auto sales market of the past two years won't be falling to zero anytime soon. So why all the negativity?

Sergio Marchionne isn’t giving up on merging Fiat Chrysler with another automaker

Toyota , Volkswagen and Ford are the only remaining potential merger candidates for FCA, he said on Friday.

Fiat Chrysler auto workers could strike

The United Auto Workers has notified Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV of its intention to have workers walk off the job as early as late Wednesday night.

Auto workers have rejected Fiat Chrysler CEO’s labor strategy

Fiat Chrysler reached the tentative deal with the union on Sept. 15 and its workers at 37 U.S. plants have been voting on the contract through Wednesday.