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This free travel app is the only app you need to navigate a new city like a local — here’s how it works

Mitty is designed to help you spend less time downloading new apps and more time exploring the city.
A test-launch of a North Korean ballistic missile.

Nuclear weapons are as confusing as they are deadly — here are 16 terms you keep hearing and what they actually mean

President Donald Trump and his administration is negotiating with Kim Jong Un over North Korea's program to develop nuclear warheads, bombs, and missiles. As talks proceed, it's helpful to define some of the most important (and misunderstood) words, phrases, and acronyms related to nukes.

The FBI’s Carter Page document release and Trump’s meeting with Putin dominated the Sunday shows. Here are the highlights that matter.

The FBI's overnight release of Carter Page surveillance documents, US President Donald Trump's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and future US moves with Russia dominated discussion on this week's Sunday political shows. Here are the highlights.

11 outlandish sports other countries love, but most Americans haven’t even heard of

There are plenty of other fascinating sports that we're missing out on in the United States. In many cases, some of the most compelling sports are ones that many Americans haven't even heard of.

We compared Google Calendar and Apple’s built-in calendar app for the iPhone — and the winner is clear

I put the Apple and Google calendar apps head-to-head — and I found there's a clear winner for anyone looking to stay organized and keep track of their schedule efficiently.
Before you can enjoy your vacation abroad, you'll need to follow these steps.

I’ve traveled to 25 countries, and here’s my checklist for exactly what to do weeks, days, and hours before an international trip

Summer travel might be relaxing, but the two weeks before a big trip can be a stressful ordeal. From packing, researching your destination, and scrambling for last-minute items, here's what you need to do to prepare for your big vacation abroad, from two weeks out to the final hour.

This $610 million real estate company doesn’t have an office for its 13,000 agents and staff — instead, everybody works from this complete...

$610 million real estate firm eXp realty doesn't have a real-life office. Instead, it lets employees collaborate and mingle on a virtual island that can be accessed from any computer. And they say it's made a big difference to their business.
Kristin Bachman started selling her own clothing on Poshmark in 2013.

How to make thousands of dollars selling your clothes, according to the top users of a popular app

Poshmark is an online-only marketplace that allows people to buy and sell clothing from their own closets or boutiques. Some of the top sellers shared their secrets to making bank on the app.

There are plenty of non-technical jobs at the biggest tech companies — here are the 10 highest-paying non-technical jobs, according to Glassdoor...

You don't necessarily have to know how to code or be tech-savvy to work at a tech company — there are plenty of other roles to be filled. Glassdoor has compiled some of the highest-paying jobs at tech companies that don't require any tech skills.
The most dangerous jobs in America had the highest rates of fatal injuries.

The 34 most dangerous jobs in America

Some jobs have a much higher risk of fatal or non-fatal injuries than others. Using data from the BLS, we found the 34 jobs that had the highest rates of fatal injuries in 2016.