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Trump tweets about trade a lot.

Goldman Sachs says traders think Trump’s tweets really do affect Fed policy

Markets think Trump "affects Fed policy indirectly by influencing the macroeconomic outlook," Goldman said. Evidence his tweets "affect market expectations of Fed policy is strong."
Bollards help secure the entrance to the Federal Reserve in Washington, Dec. 16, 2015.

The Fed says it will continue overnight repos of at least $75 billion through November 4

"The operation schedules are subject to change if market conditions warrant or should the FOMC alter its guidance to the Desk," said the Fed.
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell (R) speaks with New York Fed President John Williams and Kansas City Fed President Esther George (L) at the Kansas City Fed’s annual Economic Symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, U.S.

The Fed is injecting hundreds of billions into markets — and it’s a practice that could become the new normal

The Federal Reserve could soon take steps toward a more permanent solution to stave off trouble in money markets.

The Fed pumps another $75 billion into financial markets, continuing capital-injection plan

Last week the Federal Reserve began auctioning overnight repurchase agreements, or repos, for the first time in a decade.

The Fed pumps another $105 billion into markets, continuing its streak of capital injections

The two Tuesday offerings of market repurchase agreements are meant to calm money markets and keep interest rates within an intended range.

The Fed cuts rates for 2nd time since financial crisis — but defies Trump’s calls for ‘big’ stimulus

The move was broadly in line with expectations but far from the aggressive stimulus President Donald Trump has demanded in recent weeks.

Trump says Fed officials ‘don’t have a clue’ and should follow the lead of China’s central bank

President Donald Trump lashed out at Federal Reserve officials once again early Monday, a day before the start of a pivotal monetary policy meeting.
President Donald Trump stands behind President Donald Trump

The Fed stresses its independence in the face of repeated attacks from Trump

An independent central bank is seen as crucial for the health of financial markets and for the economy.

Trump has repeatedly badgered the Fed to slash interest rates. But many economists think patience is warranted — and could save the economy in t...

"It's good for them to kind of keep in their back pocket that a rate cut could happen," said Dom Catrambone, CEO of Volshares Large Cap ETF.

‘Very Selfish!’: Trump blames Democrats and the Fed for the economy amid recession concerns

Trump has sought to dodge any blame on the economy days after a key recession warning flashed for the first time in more than a decade.