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The cockpit of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft in June 2018.

Boeing dismissed fears of a 2nd 737 Max crash when confronted by pilots after the plane’s first disaster, leaked audio reveals

American Airlines' pilots union confronted Boeing after a Lion Air Boeing 737 Max crashed, and audio recorded from the meeting has been released.
The cockpit of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft in June 2018.

The FAA is so concerned about the future of Boeing’s 737 Max that it is bringing in NASA and the Air Force to help ensure it is safe to fly agai...

The FAA said experts' recommendations will "directly inform" its decision n the return of the 737 Max, which still remains grounded around the world.
A Boeing 737 Max plane.

A critical sensor linked to the 2 fatal Boeing 737 Max crashes had been flagged to the FAA more than 200 times, report says

The angle-of-attack sensor was highlighted in 216 Federal Aviation Administration reports in the past 15 years for failing or needing to be repaired.

The aftermath of the deadly 737 Max crashes has already cost Boeing $1 billion — and it can’t predict how much worse it might get

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg has vowed that the 737 Max "will be one of the safest airplanes ever to fly" when it returns to the sky.
American civil aviation and Boeing investigators search through the debris at the site of the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March 2019.

Boeing’s nightmare year just got worse, as profits plunge in the wake of 2 horrific 737 Max crashes that left the plane grounded worldwide

Boeing on Wednesday announced it was withdrawing its 2019 financial forecast amid the aftermath of two deadly 737 Max crashes.
American civil aviation and Boeing investigators search through the debris at the site of the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March 2019.

Boeing’s troubled 737 Max is a step closer to flying again after regulators provisionally approved an update to software linked to 2 crashes

A Federal Aviation Administration panel said Boeing's upgrade to the MCAS anti-stall software system on 737 Max planes is "operationally suitable."
President Donald Trump gives an address in front of a Boeing jet.

‘If I were Boeing, I would FIX the Boeing 737 MAX’: Trump offered his advice to the troubled aviation giant after 2 deadly crashes

The 737 Max was involved in Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes, and Boeing is working on a fix as the planes remain grounded around the world.
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg shared a video apology after two fatal 737 Max plane crashes.

Boeing’s CEO offered his fullest apology yet after Ethiopia’s investigation pointed the finger at him

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said on Thursday that Boeing is "sorry" for the lives lost in the fatal 737 Max Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crashes.
Ethiopian police officers walk past the debris of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET 302 plane crash in March 2019.

The crashed Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max hit the ground at 575 mph and left a crater 32 feet deep, horrifying details in an official report reveal

The Boeing 737 Max 8 created a crater 92 feet wide and 131 feet long when it crashed into a field, the report said. All 157 people on board died.