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Mother-and- daughter team, Ashlee Ammons (left) and Kerry Schrader, Mixtroz founders.

This mother and daughter team with no computer-science background left $350,000-a-year-combined jobs to launch a startup and couldn’t be happier...

They learned to turn their differences into their strengths and capture a $1 million seed round from Steve Case.
Microsoft executive vice president of Business Development at Microsoft

Microsoft’s Peggy Johnson has a new plan to get a 60% better return on investment for her corporate VC fund

Microsoft deal maker Peggy Johnson explains that the contest is an effort "put her money where her mouth is" when it comes to encouraging more women in tech, and its good business, too.

If you’re a woman starting a tech company, you need to know these four VC firms

For women hoping to find investors, having at least one woman in the room can be beneficial. Having a fund made up almost entirely of women? Even better.