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Lead House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff at President Donald Trump's impeachment trial at the Senate on Thursday.

Photos show Republican senators passing the time at Trump’s lengthy impeachment trial by playing with fidget spinners

Sen. Richard Burr handed out a number of the toys, designed for restless kids, to his Republican colleagues on Thursday.

This $30 case turns your AirPods into a fidget spinner, and it looks like a lot of fun

The $30 case is called Zenpod, and it attaches two ball bearings to the AirPods case so you can spin it between your thumb and index finger.

The 9 words that defined 2017

From fidget spinners to feminism, 2017 was a year unlike any other. Here are the nine words of the year.
The fidget spinners, shown in-store alongside children's toys.

Target is selling ‘toxic’ fidget spinners with potentially dangerous lead levels

Target is selling a fidget spinner with 330 times the federal legal lead level limits for toys, according to a new study.

Google’s latest Easter egg is a fidget spinner hidden within the search results

Google has finally entered the fidget spinner game.

All six sides of the official Fidget Cube, ranked from worst to best

Some sides of the Fidget Cube are clearly superior to others, and after months of testing I have determined exactly which is the best of all.

A fidget spinner was confiscated in the kitchen of one of New York’s top restaurants

A fidget spinner was confiscated in the kitchen at Le Bernardin — a restaurant known for serving the best food in New York City.

A fidget spinner app is now the top free app in the App Store

Finger Spinner, a fidget spinner app made by Ketchapp Games, has overtaken apps like YouTube, Messenger, and Instagram to become the top free app.

YouTubers are drilling holes in iPhones to turn them into $5 fidget spinners

YouTubers have come up with tricks to turn broken iPhones and other smartphones into fidget spinners.