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The most brutal finance exam in the world, the CFA, takes place on Saturday — here’s what the questions look like

The Chartered Financial Analyst exams are notoriously difficult — every year, only about 40% of people pass.

US-China trade war could turn Singapore into ‘top destination for tech hiring’, Glassdoor exec says

The highest paying tech and finance jobs listed on Glassdoor are offering about S$19,500 per month - more than twice the annual household income in Singapore.
Many of these high-paying jobs are in the tech sector.

12 six-figure jobs everyone wants but are incredibly hard to get

High-paying jobs often bring out a ton of intense competition. Glassdoor recently compiled a list of six-figure jobs that are hard to land because they attract a lot of applicants.

Wall Street’s most gruelling exam is only 50 days away — here’s how to prepare for the CFA

A senior member of the CFA Institute said that taking full mock exams, rather than just a handful of questions, is one of the best ways to prepare. The CFA is considered one of the most difficult exams in finance, with a pass rate of around 40%.
These finance jobs all have median base salaries of at least $100,000.

The highest-paying jobs in finance, according to LinkedIn

Finance jobs and high salaries often go together. LinkedIn looked through its data to figure out which financial roles earn the most.

How salaries stack up in 4 of the world’s top financial hubs

Here's how much traders, fund managers, and other finance professionals make in New York, London, Paris, and Zurich.