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The difference between billionaires and millionaires comes down to how they treat their money.

An entrepreneur who interviewed 21 billionaires says the key difference between them and millionaires is how they answer a simple question about money...

Billionaires enjoy making money, not spending it, and it helps them build wealth, according to Rafael Badziag in his book "The Billion Dollar Secret."
Chelsea Fagan of The Financial Diet.

Wealthy people waste money on a certain type of purchase more than anyone else, says the founder of a popular personal-finance website

There's a difference between spending money to enrich your life and aspiring to live a different life, said The Financial Diet's Chelsea Fagan.
Millennials have less money than previous generations.

American millennials have an average net worth of $8,000 — and it’s part of a bigger financial problem the generation is facing

Millennials are financially behind other generations, thanks to increasing living costs and student-loan debt that makes it difficult to save.
Many city dwellers don't feel part of the middle class, according to an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey.

Americans living in suburbs tend to consider themselves middle class, but most city-dwellers can’t say the same

Not many city-dwellers think they're middle class — stark contrast to those living in the suburbs, according to an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey.
In California, the top tax rate is 13%.

5 things millionaires are doing that millennials should know if they want to build wealth, according to experts

Building wealth requires a certain kind of mindset — here are 5 things millennials should be doing to become self-made millionaires.
Some millennials feel set back financially.

Nearly one-third of millennials are worse off than they thought they’d be 10 years ago

Several economic factors may have delayed millennials' wealth-building process — the Great Recession, student-loan debt, and a higher cost of living.
Rich millennials are redefining luxury.

Rich millennials are creating new trends and status symbols — here are 7 ways they’re redefining what luxury looks like

Rich millennials are giving the luxury world a facelift, from spending on high-end experiences to reinventing fashion status symbols.
Millennials are split into two groups by the Great Recession.

The Great Recession split the millennial generation down the middle, creating 2 groups with very different financial habits

Millennials have their own generation gap thanks to the Great Recession, and it has affected each group's financial behavior.
Millennials prefer to spend money on experiences, which can boost happiness in several ways.

Millennials would rather spend money on experiences than on things. There are 4 reasons why that’s a smart money move, according to a financial ...

Experience-seeking millennials may be on to something. Spending money on experiences creates a substantial payoff, says Jean Chatzky.
Brandon Copeland of the NFL's New York Jets teaches a financial-literacy class at Wharton.

An NFL player who saves almost all his salary teaches a Wharton class called ‘Life 101,’ and his first assignment shocks students

NFL player Brandon Copeland of the New York Jets teaches a financial-literacy class at Wharton that he said "deals with the realities of life."