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Mahathir tells FT there are no plans to step down in 2020 – and admits he may be the best person to run Malaysia right now

The actual time he will step down depends on "the problems that we face", he said.
UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti.

UBS slammed a Financial Times journalist for ’embarrassing reporting’ and ‘agenda journalism’ after a minor mistake

The Swiss bank, which posted lower wealth-management and investment-banking profits, tweeted the attack to its 426,000 Twitter followers.

German payments-company Wirecard is suing the Financial Times for its coverage

Wirecard has been the focus of a series of articles in the Financial Times in which the company alleges it used and misrepresented its business secrets.

Ex-Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein reportedly met with the fugitive financier involved in a $6.5bn Malaysian wealth fund scandal

Reports suggest that former Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein was present at a meeting in 2009, to help establish ties with Malaysian officials before the fund was set up.
A frame from inside the Presidents Club Dinner.

The British club that hosted a charity dinner where businessmen allegedly groped hostesses just shut down

A spokesman for the Presidents Club said it would distribute its remaining funds to children’s charities.
FT reporter Madison Marriage.

‘An incessant stream of harassment’: Undercover FT reporter describes high-powered charity dinner where she was groped ‘several time...

Madison Marriage, a writer for the Financial Times, says she was groped several times at the event, and that other women told her that they were propositioned.
Undercover footage recorded by Financial Times report Madison Marriage, who went to the event as a hostess and reported on what went on.

Great Ormond Street Hospital has given back donations raised at seedy Presidents Club event where women say they were groped

The children's hospital is giving back all the cash it ever received from the scandal-hit dinner attended by rich and powerful men.
Ellen Pao's account of her influential Silicon Valley discrimination case is among the best business books of the year.

The 6 best business books of 2017, according to economists, editors, and professors

McKinsey and the Financial Times have once again put together a panel of judges to determine the year's most insightful and best written business books.