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An engineer spent 15 years fireproofing his California home. Here’s why his house was the last one standing after a devastating blaze last year....

Chris Arai's home in Sonoma County, California, was the only one on his ridge that was still standing after the Kincade Fire ripped through.
Researcher Fumiaki Takahashi and his team set a small cedar shed on fire in a forest in New Jersey to test fire-blanket technology.

Researchers created an aluminum blanket that wraps around homes to prevent them from burning down in a fire

The blankets only last in the flames for about 10 minutes, but they could help protect homes in the future.
Throwing water on a fire can make some fires worse.

The 5 types of fires and how experts say you should put them out

Water can't put out all fires, it can actually make some fires worse. Here are the five types of fires and how to put them out.

Cladding used on 111 British high-rise blocks failed a fire test even faster than the type on Grenfell Tower

Aluminium cladding with a plastic and stone core was consumed by flames in seven mins, nine seconds.

These are all the buildings that have failed fire safety tests since the Grenfell Tower disaster

A guide to all the buildings now deemed dangerous by the government.