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The tiny pocket shark.

Tiny, glow-in-the-dark sharks have been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico

It is just 5 and a half inches long, and has some unusual features like a pouch that squirts out small puffs of glowing bioluminous fluid clouds.
Impossible Foods plans to work off of its existing plant-based beef recipe to create the fishless fish.

Impossible Foods is diving into the fishless fish market

The brand has already found its way into Burger King and Cheesecake Factory restaurants across the country with its "bleeding" plant-based burgers.
A male Cirrhilabrus wakanda fish, which was discovered in Zanzibar.

A newly discovered species of African fish with gleaming purple scales has been named after Wakanda, the fictional home of Marvel’s Black Panthe...

Divers in Tanzania found a new species of colorful tropical fish. They named it after Wakanda and vibranium, the metal in the Black Panther's suit.
Some fish have higher levels of mercury than others.

8 fish that can contain high levels of mercury

Although many fish contain some amount of mercury, the FDA warns that these fish can contain more than others do.

9 of the healthiest fish to eat, according to a nutritionist

From their protein content to lower levels of mercury, here are some of the best choices you can make when it comes to fish.
These were our contenders.

I tried 3 brands of frozen fish sticks and the winner took the least time to cook

We tried three brands of fish sticks typically found in the grocery store and our favorite took the least amount of time to cook.
Something's fishy.

A goldfish turned up in the Niagara River after being flushed down the toilet — and it’s just really, really big

This apparently is what happens when you flush your beloved pets down the toilet and release them into nature.
A file photo of a sheepshead fish.

A horrifying fish with human-looking teeth was found in Georgia

The remains of the sheepshead fish — known for its several rows of teeth used to crack and crush shellfish — were found off the coast of Georgia.
The fish were supposed to symbolize the newlyweds.

A maid of honor says that she had to care for 90 goldfish that were purchased as wedding favors — here’s why experts warn against using an...

In a now-viral Reddit post, a woman claims she was the maid of honor at a wedding where live goldfish were the centerpieces and the party favors.
Chick-fil-A's Fish Sandwich is returning for Lent.

Chick-fil-A’s fried fish sandwich is returning to menus for Lent

Chick-fil-A's fried fish sandwich is returning to menus for Lent 2019.