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A Kentucky man caught this rare 20-pound koi in a private pond.

A man in Kentucky caught a 20-pound ‘goldfish’ in a pond using a biscuit for bait

Fisherman Hunter Anderson believes he caught a 20-pound goldfish in Kentucky pond over the weekend. An expert says it's more likely a koi.

These nomads spend nearly their entire lives at sea — but they could be the last generation to do so

The Bajau Laut, a nomadic Southeast Asian people, have been living at sea for generations in waters around the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
A hand grenade, left, was taken to a Taco Bell in Ocala, Florida, right.

A man who found a hand grenade while fishing took it to a Taco Bell before calling police

The Taco Bell in Ocala, Florida, was forced to shut down after the man brought the grenade to the restaurant on Saturday.

11 fishing horror stories that will make you want to stay on land

Fishing is something lots of people love to do, but some people have encountered scary experiences along the way. Here are some scary fishing stories.

‘Electric pulse fishing’ is illegal and it’s turning the ocean into a graveyard — here’s why fishermen are doing it anyw...

Electric pulse fishing involves pulling a net loaded with electrodes across the sea to produce an electric field in the water, then shocks the fish.
What a catch!

People are obsessed with an 88-pound ‘river monster’ catfish

Paula Cathey Smith of Waverly, Tennessee, caught and released the animal on Sunday.

Leaked email shows May’s government pleading with Scottish Conservatives to back Brexit fishing deal

Exclusive: UK government pleads with Scottish Conservatives to back Theresa May's Brexit deal in email leaked to Business Insider.
An illustration of HawkEye 360's first satellite constellation, called Pathfinder, orbiting Earth.

SpaceX is about to rocket a fleet of satellites into space that will hunt smugglers, pirates, and other ‘dark ships’

SpaceX is about to launch 71 satellites on a Falcon 9 rocket. Three of the spacecraft will help hunt down boats that don't want to be found.
Salmon are known for trekking across waterfalls during spawning season, but a highway is unusual.

This video is going viral for showing dozens of salmon crossing a busy road

The surreal video, shared by KIRO 7 News in Seattle, shows dozens of fish furiously swimming across a flooded highway in Washington.
Tiger Woods was never the golfing "robot" many believed.

Tiger Woods once called in sick to an important tournament because he wanted to go spearfishing

Tiger Woods once called in sick to an important tournament because he wanted to go spearfishing