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A 2nd person has been charged with manipulating Fitbit’s stock price by announcing a fake acquisition offer

The US Securities and Exchange Commission filed fraud charges against a second person in connection with an alleged manipulation of Fitbit's stock price. In November 2016, a nonexistent company called ABM Capital filed a takeover offer for Fitbit on Edgar.

Companies are working to track signs of depression using data from your phone or smartwatch — and Olympian Michael Phelps is on board

Two companies are exploring approaches to using data from our smartphones and fitness bands to help detect depression.One of them, called Medibio, is backed by Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. The other is a Silicon Valley startup called Mindstrong Health.

11 reasons you should buy an Apple Watch instead of Fitbit’s new $200 smartwatch

The Apple Watch may be more expensive than the Fitbit Versa, but it's the queen of the smartwatch category. Apple Watch has built-in GPS, a better screen, and is still the best watch for iPhone owners.

8 reasons you should buy Fitbit’s $200 smartwatch instead of an Apple Watch

Fitbit newest smartwatch, the Fitbit Versa, is smaller, cheaper, and has a few more features than the Apple Watch. Plus, it gets four days of battery life.

The $200 Fitbit Versa is the best smartwatch I’ve ever used — yes, even better than the Apple Watch

Fitbit's new Versa smartwatch is stylish and lightweight — and costs $130 less than the latest Apple Watch.

Fitbit just introduced a $100 fitness tracker for kids — here’s how it works

Fitbit Ace is designed to encourage kids to be more active.

Fitbit just unveiled its $200 answer to the Apple Watch — here’s what it can do

Fitbit's new Versa smartwatch can show you personalized workouts, store music, answer texts, and track your sleep.

Apple has stolen the wearables crown from Fitbit thanks to the Apple Watch

Apple's smartwatch sales skyrocketed in only a year.

DIGITAL HEALTH BRIEFING: Apple unveils health clinic — Fitbit misses earnings amid pivot — Samsung’s new phone will have in-built he...

Apple is launching a network of internal medical clinics with the aim of making healthcare more accessible to its employees.