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21 ways to stop annoying your flight attendants.

21 things flight attendants wish passengers would stop doing

Travel brings out the worst in people. Flight attendants share what you may not have known you were doing wrong.
A measles patient was onboard an El Al Airlines flight.

A flight attendant has reportedly been hospitalized after a person with measles boarded a flight out of New York City

Israel's Ministry of Health confirmed that a person infected with measles was on an El Al Airlines flight from New York City to Israel.
A Vietjet Air flight attendant serves passengers during a flight from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi on October 20, 2013.

5 times flight attendants went above and beyond for their passengers

Flight attendants have gone above and beyond for passengers, from keeping people entertained with comedic monologues to soothing fussy babies.

17 travel tricks flight attendants say can save you time, money, and aggravation

Flight attendants share how passengers can get free food or upgrade their seat on a flight.
Brian Finke's photos show the secret lives of flight attendants on and off duty.

17 behind-the-scenes photos that reveal what it’s really like to be a flight attendant

Brian Finke's photos show the lives of flight attendants on and off duty. He photographed them in training, at home, running errands, and on the job.
Flight attendants are highly trained in safety procedures.

A flight attendant explains why you don’t want to hear the phrase ‘easy victor’ on board a plane

You'll never hear the captain say it out of the blue without any warning.

United, Alaska, and Spirit flight attendants are warning Trump, Pelosi, and McConnell that the government shutdown is doing real damage to the airline...

Flight attendants are asking lawmakers to end the shutdown due to the operational and financial harm done to workers and the traveling public.
Pakistan International Airlines.

A Pakistani airline told its ‘overweight’ cabin crew that if they don’t slim down, they won’t be able to fly

Flight attendants who are currently 30lbs (13.6kg) over the limit have six months to lose the weight if they wish to continue flying.
Frontier Airlines.

A US budget airline is asking passengers to tip flight attendants when they serve refreshments

US carrier Frontier Airlines has started asking passengers to tip their cabin crew via a mobile tablet.

A dad spent Christmas in the sky with his flight-attendant daughter after learning she would have to work the holiday

Hal Vaughan flew on at least two flights with his daughter, Pierce, a flight attendant who was scheduled to work Christmas Eve and Christmas.