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Medical workers bring in a patient at a special coronavirus intake tent at Brooklyn’s Maimonides Medical Center.

2 infectious disease experts explain how the coronavirus pandemic is different from a flu pandemic

Beyond a lack of immunity, testing mishaps and unproven treatments make the novel coronavirus pandemic a distinct challenge from a flu outbreak.
A person getting the ebola vaccine in Goma in 2019.

11 surprising ways pandemics have changed the course of human history

From understanding the crucial role of vaccines to regularly sanitizing public spaces, these are some of the ways pandemics have changed the world.
Hospital workers are seen near a tent erected to test for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the Brooklyn Hospital Center in Brooklyn, New York City, U.S., on March 19, 2020.

The coronavirus death rate in the US is far higher than that of the flu — here’s how the 2 compare across age ranges

The coronavirus is far more deadly than the flu across nearly every age bracket. Two charts show how the diseases compare.
Sleeping on your back with an extra pillow is the best way to drain a stuffy nose at night.

How to get better sleep with a stuffy nose in 3 different ways

To sleep with a stuffy nose, you should lie on your back with an extra pillow, use a humidifier for moist air, and consider taking medication.
An illustration of the novel coronavirus, SARS-Cov-2.

The coronavirus mutates more slowly than the flu — which means a vaccine will likely be effective long-term

The mutation rate of the new coronavirus suggests a one-time vaccine would be sufficient to confer long-term immunity, according to experts.
Cold air does not kill germs or viruses.

Does cold air kill germs? No, it helps viruses spread

Cold air does not kill germs. Actually, cold weather can make it easier for viruses and bacteria to spread — here's why.
The coronavirus, like the cold or flu, can affect your sense of taste and smell.

UK Health minister says the coronavirus made her lose her sense of taste and smell – here’s why that could happen

Some COVID-19 patients have reported losing their sense of taste and smell, which is temporary and common among other upper respiratory infections.
It's likely that a viral or bacterial infection is the cause of your fever.

What causes a fever and when to seek medical attention

Viral and bacterial infections are the main causes of fever, though there are many other possible reasons. Here's what you need to know.

14 statistics you probably didn’t know about preventative healthcare in the United States

From how often we visit the doctor and dentist to how many of us got a flu shot last year, these facts and figures may shock you.

This coronavirus is unlike anything in our lifetime, and we have to stop comparing it to the flu

Longtime health reporter Charles Ornstein says that comparing the novel coronavirus to the flu is dangerously inaccurate.