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Sheryl Pardo was the only passenger on a flight to see her dying mother one last time. She became instant friends with the flight attendants.

Flight attendants gave a woman flying to see her dying mom a free upgrade to first class after she was the only passenger on the plane

Sheryl Pardo had to fly to Boston to say goodbye to her mother. On the way, she formed an instant connection with flight attendants Jessica and Dion.

What the future of air travel might look like after the coronavirus pandemic

Travel will rebound, but what will it look like? Insider spoke to a variety of travel experts, travel agents, and one futurist to find out.
An empty jet bridge at MSP Airport Friday, April 3, 2020.

I flew on one of the few remaining flights during the coronavirus pandemic, and it was unlike anything I’d ever seen

New York City's LaGuardia Airport felt deserted during what would normally be rush hour. There was no security line and the terminal was empty.
Simon J Marton, who flew with British Airways, said

A former flight attendant says the biggest tantrums and demanding behavior comes from passengers flying on premium tickets

The former BA flight attendant said the passengers most prone to tantrums and nit-picking demands were those in first and business class.

25 brand new routes US airlines are adding in 2020, connecting cities that didn’t have an air link

Airlines in the US are continuing to invest in growing domestic route networks, connecting places like Montana and Oklahoma to coastal cities.
I washed my hands every chance I got on my way back to New York from Austin during the coronavirus pandemic, but I wouldn't recommend flying to others. These are my tips on how to fly safely during the coronavirus pandemic, if you have to.

I flew between New York and Austin three times to escape the pandemic — and now I realize I put myself at risk of contagion. Here are 15 crucial...

You should avoid flying, as germs spread easily on airplanes. Use these tricks to help you get through domestic flights if you do need to travel.
The mostly empty Delta terminal at JFK Airport.

From deserted terminals to empty planes, this is what it’s like to fly in the US during the coronavirus outbreak

Flying out of JFK Airport's busiest terminal was an eerie experience: it was nearly deserted, and about half the travelers were wearing masks.
I flew to Vienna, Austria, to visit my mom and grandmothers.

I got on one of the last flights out of Europe to the US before the travel ban took effect. I was shocked by how normal everything was.

Our travel correspondent made it out of Europe before the travel ban went into effect. Here's what her experience was like.
I brought my own water bottle, hand sanitizer, and wipes to prepare for my US domestic flight during the coronavirus outbreak.

I flew back to New York after it declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s how I prepared for and protected myself d...

The coronavirus has the potential to spread on flights and in airports. I took a US economy flight during the outbreak. Here's how I handled it.
The second semester is widely considered the best time to fly.

How late in pregnancy can you fly: The latest and best times to fly

Most doctors recommend women shouldn't fly after 36 weeks of pregnancy. The best time to fly is usually during the second trimester.