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Amelia Earhart stands June 14, 1928 in front of her bi-plane called 'Friendship' in Newfoundland.

Why it’s so hard to lose a plane

Amelia Earhart vanished in her plane 80 years ago. Today there are technologies like radar, satellites, and other flight-tracking systems to prevent the disappearance of planes. Here's why it's so hard to lose a plane, despite the flaws of these systems.
Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten.

14 of the world’s most terrifying airport runways

From a Caribbean island where the runway ends right at a popular beach to a runway made entirely of ice in Antarctica, here are 14 of the most terrifying airport runways around the world.

I fly dozens of times a year, and my favorite airline is British Airways — here’s why

British Airways is always my top choice when I book the dozens of flights I take each year. The airline flies to over 200 destinations, and their loyalty program is top tier. When it comes to comfort, customer service, and rewards, British Airways is top notch. Here's why I always fly with them.

The 19 worst airports in the world

Your flying experience doesn't just depend on what airline you're flying with — but also what airport you're flying from. AirHelp has named and shamed the worst airports in the world in its annual AirHelp Score.
VistaJet is offering an 'Alice in the Sky' experience for youngsters.

A private-jet company is offering ‘Alice in Wonderland’ tea parties at 45,000 feet for ultrarich kids

VistaJet is offering high-flying kids numerous bespoke, in-flight experiences. The packages start at $4,000 (£3,000) — not including the $12,000-an-hour rate for renting the jet itself.
Upgrading your flight can be a good move if you want to accumulate miles, book a last-minute vacation, or have the flexibility to depart at an unusual time.

7 times a flight upgrade might be worth your money

Airplane tickets can be extremely costly — and that's before baggage fees, seating costs, and food on some airlines. Upgrading can be a good move if you want to accumulate miles or book a last-minute vacation. Here's when upgrading your flight is worth the money.

I’ve flown at least once a month for the last year — here are 17 things I never travel without

On flights, it’s important to bring certain must-have items. The more you travel, the more you learn what to pack — and what to leave behind. With a bit of planning, you’ll have everything you need to have more comfortable flights, from earplugs to snacks.

One statistic shows why passengers share the blame for uncomfortable flights

An MSN poll found that only 6% of American picked the airlines they fly with based on the comfort of the experience while 51% of people chose their flights based primarily on price.
TV screens, installed on board of an Airbus A350 XWB flight-test aircraft.

How to avoid the worst seat on the plane

The middle seat is arguably the most dreaded place to be on a flight. It's never fun being stuck between two strangers fighting for elbow room. Here are a few strategies to help you avoid getting stuck in the middle.

This is how to survive a plane going down, according to a pilot

In a crisis, it may be difficult to remember all the safety instructions you heard at the beginning of a flight. A pilot reveals what you really need to know if the plane is minutes away from crashing.