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9 reasons why experts say to cut back on sugar, from boosting your productivity to saving you money

Experts say that cutting out refined sugars could make it easier to concentrate, stay full, and stay alert throughout the day.
You can use Brain.fm to help you focus throughout your day.

Brain.fm is an app designed to help you focus at work — here’s how to use it

Brain.fm is a mindfulness app you can use to help you focus throughout your day. Here's how to set up and use the Brain.fm app for iPhone or Android.

Productivity hacks never helped me, but a morning habit I’ve had for 14 years allows me to stay focused on work

Here, author Jamie Friedlander shares how keeping a journal in the morning has helped quell her anxiety and allowed her to focus on work.

Silicon Valley is obsessed with meditation, and there’s new evidence it changes the brain for the better

By giving our bustling minds a dedicated break from day-to-day worries, meditation appears to empower the brain to run more efficiently, new research shows.

9 surprising ways meditation changes your brain

Studies suggest that people with jam-packed schedules and intimidating to-do lists would benefit most from mindfulness meditation.

Tony Robbins swears by this 7-day retreat designed to sharpen your focus like ’20 years of meditation’

Neurofeedback is a form of training that monitors your brain waves and trains you to control them. Providers claim it makes you smarter and more creative.

A $15,000 retreat claims it teaches people like Tony Robbins how to control their own brain waves

You can spend 7 days using neurofeedback, a form of training that allows you to control your brainwaves and allegedly makes you smarter and more creative.

Apple is losing its focus again — and this time, there’s no Steve Jobs coming to the rescue

Apple was a disaster, mainly because there was no focus, before Steve Jobs returned to the company he helped start decades earlier.

A Georgetown professor says the mindset that led us all to embrace Facebook could ultimately stall your career

A bestselling author has a clever argument for why social media isn't making you more successful.