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David Drummond is senior vice president of corporate development and chief legal officer for Google's parent company, Alphabet.

Alphabet’s chief legal boss, accused of emotionally abusing a former Googler after a workplace affair, just cashed out $27 million in stock

David Drummond — chief legal officer for Google's parent company, Alphabet — just cashed out tens of millions in stock.
Combined, Donald Trump and his family are worth more than $4 billion.

Here’s how the Trump family spends their billions, from a $15 million beachfront estate in St. Martin to a $32 million fleet of private helicopt...

President Donald Trump has a net worth of $3.1 billion. Considering the net worths of his adult children, the Trump family fortune exceeds $4 billion.

7 money lessons you can learn from the way Michael Jordan makes and spends his fortune

Michael Jordan has a net worth of almost $2 billion. While he was paid millions during his basketball career, Jordan continued to grow his fortune after retirement.
Ripple's Chris Larsen

Ripple’s Chris Larsen makes Forbes 400 as the world’s richest crypto tycoon

Forbes estimates Larsen's current net worth to be $2.1 billion.
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

Uber hasn’t had a chief financial officer since 2015, and its CEO just admitted that it’s been a struggle to fill the role

Speaking at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi shared the company's struggles ahead of its IPO.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple CEO Tim Cook explains why he spoke out about Trump’s immigration policies: ‘We have a lot of immigrants that work at Apple… I ...

Speaking at the Fortune CEO Initiative, Cook explained how he decides when to speak publicly, and urged other CEOs to speak out when public policies contradict their company values.
A man dressed as the Chinese God of Fortune poses in front of a shopping mall decoration as part of a sales promotion celebrating the upcoming Lunar Year of the Rat January 23, 2008.

Trump may be in trouble this year, according to the Chinese Zodiac

Experts say the popular belief in Chinese culture is that people are often less lucky when they are in the same Zodiac year as when they were born.
"You won't be believed," Gretchen Carlson (pictured) said at Fortune's Most Powerful Women (MPW) Summit.

Gretchen Carlson says the way we handle sexual harassment ‘gags’ the women who confront it

Former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson details the backlash people face after they report sexual harassment.

Meet the finance players who made Fortune’s 40 under 40 list this year

Meet the bankers, founders and financiers on this year's Fortune 40 under 40.

Theo Epstein on being named world’s top leader: ‘I can’t even get my dog to stop peeing in the house’

Theo Epstein said being named Fortune's No. 1 World Leader is "patently ridiculous," citing his own lack of success in dog training.