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Bernie Sanders compared Baltimore to a ‘third world country’ in an old clip dug up by Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign

In 2015, Bernie Sanders compared parts of Baltimore to a Third World country. The Trump campaign wants you to think that's on par with his tweets.

3 of the Baltimore police officers from the Freddie Gray case could be fired

The officers have reportedly been charged with "violations of policy and procedure," but the details of those alleged violations remain unclear.

Baltimore police worked with a private company to conduct aerial surveillance of the city

The Baltimore Police Department worked with Persistent Surveillance Systems to capture surveillance of the city to help solve crimes.

The prosecutor’s decision to drop charges in the Freddie Gray case was inevitable

Despite the abrupt end to the case, Marilyn Mosby said at a news conference on Wednesday that she stands by the position that Gray's death was a homicide.

TRUMP: Baltimore prosecutor in Freddie Gray case ‘ought to prosecute herself’

"That's my reaction," Trump said of the Freddie Gray case.

Convictions may not be likely for the remaining cops awaiting trial in the death of Freddie Gray

Some are now urging Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby to drop the charges against the remaining officers.

The Baltimore police officer who allegedly gave Freddie Gray a ‘rough ride’ was found not guilty

Goodson, 46, had been driving the police van transporting Gray in April 2015.

Baltimore police shot a 13-year-old boy who was carrying a fake gun

Wednesday marked the one-year anniversary of the riots in Baltimore that followed Freddie Gray's funeral.