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CVT Soft Serve owner Joe Nicchi is making Instagram influencers pay double for his ice cream.

A Los Angeles ice cream truck is refusing to give away free cones to influencers and now charges them double the price

Joe Nicchi, the owner of CVT Soft Serve, told INSIDER he made the sign after receiving numerous requests for free cones every week for years.
You can celebrate the end of tax season with free and discounted treats.

Here are all the places you can score Tax Day freebies and deals

Tax Day this year is Monday, April 15. Many stores are offering free or discounted items to help people celebrate the end of tax season.
You can get a lot of free stuff from hotels.

15 things you didn’t know you could get for free at a hotel

Staying at hotels can be pricey but you can take advantage of some of the free perks to offset the price. Here are some free things you can get at hotels.
Tax Day equals free food.

All the places you can score Tax Day freebies right now

Celebrate Tax Day with free stuff and discounts from restaurant chains like Hardee's, Applebee's, Boston Market, and Cinnabon.