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Sometimes customers can do things that baristas don't like.

4 things you may be doing when ordering coffee that actually annoy your barista

There's a reason some drinks shouldn't be ordered "extra hot" and that your espresso isn't ready as soon as you order it.
The series has had its fair share of drama and shocking moments.

10 of the biggest ‘Dancing With the Stars’ controversies of all time

The reality dance show has featured some fights, shocking wins, questionable casting decisions, and pairings that just didn't work.
Cersei smirked quite a bit during season eight.

If you loved ‘Game of Thrones,’ you’ll probably enjoy these 27 shows too

If you are looking for something new to watch now that Game of Thrones has ended, here are 27 shows drama and fantasy loving fans of the series also recommend.
Walmart sells a variety of home-decor items, including rugs.

9 things an interior designer would buy from Walmart right now

Insider spoke to an Atlant-based home decor expert to see which decor items and furniture she'd actually pick up from the retailer.
"Breaking Bad" first aired in 2008.

17 surprising things you never knew about ‘Breaking Bad’

The AMC series has some fascinating behind-the-scenes secrets, hidden Easter eggs, and shocking filming moments.
Critics didn't really like the most recent season of "Game of Thrones."

7 shows nominated for Emmys this year that critics don’t actually like

Not all critics think the recent season of "Game of Thrones" and “Saturday Night Live” are worthy of winning an Emmy this year.
This Halloween classic came out over 20 years ago.

12 interesting things you didn’t know about ‘Halloweentown’

Disney's iconic Halloween movie has a lot of behind-the-scenes secrets, including alternate endings and bizarre filming moments.
Miley Cyrus has spoken about her sexuality in multiple interviews.

17 times celebrities got brutally honest about sex

From losing their virginity to the things they always do and never do, here's a round-up of times stars got honest about their sex lives.
Jennifer Aniston said these rituals often happen before big events.

Jennifer Aniston swears by the ‘Goddess Circles’ she’s been doing with her friends for 30 years. Here’s what the spiritual rit...

She said they're done around important events and include beaded talking sticks, charms, and female empowerment.
Being a kid has changed in the past two decades, and so has being a parent.

10 ways technology has changed parenting in the last 20 years

These days, people with kids have new expectations and responsibilities thanks to changing technology. But they also have some new perks.