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8 tips to prepare your car for winter, according to auto experts

Winter can pose a number of threats to the health of your car. Here are eight steps you can take to protect your vehicle from the cold.
Sauce can be frozen easily.

10 of the most freezer-friendly foods, according to chefs

Freezing food ahead of time can save you time and money but some foods freeze better than others. We asked chefs for their list.
A pedestrian stops to take a photo by Chicago River, as bitter cold phenomenon called the polar vortex has descended on much of the central and eastern United States, in Chicago, Illinois.

10 safety tips for you and your home during the polar vortex

When temperatures hit this low, it can be dangerous. This is how to keep you and your home safe during the polar vortex.

The Midwest is colder than Antarctica thanks to the polar vortex — here’s what it looks like

As a cold snap sweeps the Midwest, Lake Michigan and the Chicago River are freezing over. Here's what the area looks like.

How long you can stay outside in extreme cold before getting frostbite

A polar vortex has hit the US Midwest. Going outside in subzero temperatures can result in frostbite and hypothermia for you and your pets.
Oymyakon in Russia is famous for its low temperatures.

10 of the coldest places on Earth

In these places, living in temperatures below freezing is a common occurrence. Here are 10 of the chilliest places on Earth.

16 cheap and creative ways to stay warm when your office is freezing

Freezing offices can sabotage your success. Here are tips on how to not let that happen.

4 ways your freezing office is sabotaging your success

Made a mistake at work? Blame the AC.