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Facebook's stock price was down slightly early Monday.

Mark Zuckerberg actually got $1 billion richer following the news of Facebook’s $5 billion fine for the biggest scandal in the company’s h...

Facebook faces a $5 billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission. The stock's pop after the news increased the value of Mark Zuckerberg's shares.

Why Facebook’s stock jumped despite facing a record-breaking $5 billion FTC penalty: ‘A slap on the wrist’

Critics argue that Facebook is so vast, a $5 billion fine would not be nearly enough to slow it down.

The FTC’s $5 billion fine for Facebook is so meaningless, it will likely leave Zuckerberg wondering what he can’t get away with

The settlement of the FTC's investigation into the Cambridge Analytica mess will further cement the Facebook's CEO's feeling of invulnerability.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

It won’t be hard for Facebook to afford a $5 billion settlement with the FTC, but there may be other costs beyond money

Facebook has a lot of cash on hand, but there could be other aftereffects from the FTC's settlement with the social network — like increased oversight.

Facebook climbs after the FTC approves the company’s $5 billion privacy settlement

The penalty represents the most significant action taken against the social media giant after a handful of missteps that compromised users' data.

Walmart and giant US retailers turn up heat on Amazon and Google by calling for blockbuster antitrust investigation

The Retail Industry Leaders Association said antitrust laws should be adapted to accommodate big tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook.
The terms of YouTube's new paid music service are rubbing some independent music artists the wrong way.

A US Senator asked the FTC to ‘take all necessary steps’ to ensure YouTube is held accountable for violating children privacy laws

US Sen. Ed Markey said there is "extensive evidence" that YouTube is invading the privacy of its young users.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

A growing chorus of Wall Street heavyweights is sounding the alarm on regulatory pressures surrounding America’s biggest tech juggernauts

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are two of the latest big Wall Street firms to express serious concern over mega-cap tech antitrust.

Facebook internal emails appear to show that Zuckerberg was aware of problematic privacy practices

The internal emails appear to show that the boss knew some of its practices were questionable, and it comes as Facebook faces regulatory scrutiny.

The DOJ will police Apple in the federal government’s new tech antitrust push

Federal regulators responsible for antitrust oversight — the DOJ and FTC — are divvying up jurisdictions for tech's largest companies.