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A full moon, also a harvest moon, rises past thunder clouds near Encinitas, California September 8, 2014.

A Hunter’s Moon will rise plump and orange this weekend. Here’s what that means and when to see it.

A full Hunter's Moon will be seen in the night sky on Saturday, October 13. Here are some of the names used for each month's full moon.
A jet flies in front of February's supermoon, also called a "super snow moon."

Tonight’s ‘super snow moon’ will be the biggest and one of the brightest full moons of 2019. Here’s why.

February's full moon, also called a "snow moon," will be the biggest of 2019. That's because it's a perigean moon, or "supermoon," close to Earth.
A simulated view of the moon from its far side with Earth in the background.

There is a ‘dark side’ of the moon, but you are probably using the term incorrectly all of the time

People often say "dark side" of the moon when referring to the lunar face we can't see from Earth, but that's wrong. The correct term is "far side."

The second blue moon of 2018 is about to arrive — here’s what that means and how rare they really are

According to one definition of "blue moon," the second full moon in a month is a blue moon.

A Beaver Moon is coming this weekend — here’s what that actually means

The Beaver Moon peaks this weekend at 1:22 a.m. ET on Saturday. But all strange-sounding names for the moon have one important thing in common.
The 2013 Harvest Moon in Washington, DC.

Here’s when to watch tonight’s harvest moon — and what makes it so special

This particular moon appears massive and takes on a reddish-orange color, not unlike a great pumpkin. Here's how to watch the harvest moon on October 5th.

This crazy photo from the California wildfires made it look like the moon was engulfed in flames

The Alamo fire now spans over 23,000 acres — the largest of 14 wildfires currently burning across California.
The worm moon doesn't really have anything to do with worms, it just happens in March, when the worms are coming out.

A ‘Worm Moon’ is coming this weekend — here’s what to expect

On March 31, we'll see our second Worm Moon of the year. It's also a blue moon, or, a blue Worm Moon. Here's when to see the rare event and what the term means.