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SEC rebukes Elon Musk, says his tweet about Tesla vehicle production was a ‘blatant violation’ of court settlement

The Securities and Exchange Commission scolded Tesla CEO Elon Musk in a new filing that disputes Musk's defense in ongoing contempt-of-court claim.

Elon Musk criticized federal regulators on Twitter and said the $20 million fine he paid over his ‘funding secured’ tweet was ‘worth...

The Securities and Exchange Commission has told Tesla to rein in CEO Elon Musk. It doesn't look like it has yet.

‘Best PR I’ve had in a while’: Elon Musk celebrates that Steve Bannon called him ‘an immature man child’

Steve Bannon called Tesla CEO Elon Musk an "immature man-child" in an interview with CNN published on Thursday. Bannon was calling out the billionaire entrepreneur for the multiple scandals surrounding Musk, who is still fresh off of a weeks-long tarry over a failed effort to take Tesla private.
Elon Musk announces a Tesla project in Australia in September 2017.

Elon Musk insists he has funding to take Tesla private, but won’t because investors pleaded with him not to

In a blog post on Tesla's website, Musk explained his reasons for keeping Tesla public, and said money wasn't one of them. He added that the process of exploring the options for Tesla had "reinforced" his belief that the cash was there.

Elon Musk initially said Tesla board members hadn’t contacted him about his ‘funding secured’ tweet, but later had to correct himsel...

In an interview with the New York Times, Elon Musk said he hadn't been contacted by Tesla board members about his controversial 'funding secured' tweet. He corrected himself shortly after the article was published.