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Extreme joy or just a really big yawn?

15 hilarious photos of dogs taken at the perfect time

One dog managed to steal a pair of dentures, while another stole a kiss from his owner — these photos are as hilarious as they are heartwarming.
Haley Jones' parents celebrated her decision to move out with a hilarious photo shoot.

A photographer took an ’empty nest’-themed photo shoot of her parents before she moved out, and the photos are hilarious

For Haley Jones' parents, having their last child move out of the house warranted a celebration that was hilarious enough to go viral.
This isn't actually a man-horse hybrid.

34 viral pictures that captured hilarious coincidences in real life

Sometimes life really is stranger than fiction. Luckily, these people had cameras on them to prove it.
The (recently redesigned) front page of Reddit.

The Reddit starter pack: These are the 41 best subreddits everyone should follow

Reddit might look totally alien and drab, but it's an incredible tool if you know how to use it.
It's show time.

18 hysterical photos from the Wildlife Comedy Photography Awards

The annual Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards recognize the most hilarious candid photos of animals in the wild.
You know the argument was over once your mom pulled this classic reason out.

26 funny and inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts that are guaranteed to make her laugh

If you or your mom aren't interested in the sappy, cheesy aspects of Mother's Day, she might appreciate these funny gifts a little more.
Bless the US Consumer Product Safety Commission Twitter account.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission actually has the best account on Twitter

The funniest Twitter account is the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Twitter account. For real.
This desk foil is a top notch prank.

17 creative pranks to pull on April Fools’ Day

When April 1 rolls around, don't get caught with an old and outdated prank. Trade in your usual trick for one of these hilarious and harmless ideas.

30 of the funniest photos of animals that were taken at the perfect time

We scoured the internet to find 30 of the most hilarious photos of animals that were taken at the exact right moment. Try not to laugh out loud.

Beijing is racing to fix its mistranslated English phrases before the 2022 Olympics hits

Vising a park in Beijing? Remember to fall into the water carefully.