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Impeachment crushed Nixon’s approval ratings, but Clinton emerged unscathed. Here’s how Trump could survive, too.

Historical approval ratings show that if President Donald Trump follows Bill Clinton's playbook, he could emerge from impeachment scot-free.

This map shows the happiest states in the US — and the ones that are struggling

Happiness and living the good life are a cornerstone of the American Dream. This map shows where the pursuit of happiness is strongest.
Chinese President Xi Jinping

China just overtook the US in global leadership approval

Global sentiment toward US leadership is near a record low, while for China, it is rising, according to Gallup.

Barack and Michelle Obama top Gallup’s list of most-admired men and women in the world, trouncing the Trumps

Barack Obama topped Gallup's poll of the most admired men in the world for the 11th time. Michelle Obama hit No. 1 for the first time.

Trump’s approval rating just reached its highest level yet in the gold standard of presidential indicators

President Donald Trump's approval rating is at an all-time high of 45% in Gallup's poll.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan

Americans still hate the new GOP tax law — and Republicans should be nervous

Only 39% of Americans surveyed by Gallup supported the new GOP tax law, while 52% disapproved.
US President Donald Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2018.

Here’s Trump’s approval rating in every state

Gallup released President Donald Trump's approval rating in each state and DC for 2017.

Trump’s job approval rating for his first year was the worst of any US president since Gallup started measuring it

President Donald Trump's job approval rating averaged 38.4% in his first year. His rating is the lowest since Bill Clinton's 49.3% in 1993-94.
Donald Trump.

Trump ends 2017 with his highest approval rating in months

President Donald Trump's Gallup approval rating reached its highest point in months to close out 2017.

Americans are planning to celebrate Christmas like it’s 2007

Americans' holiday spending plans are the highest for November since 2007.